I am going to get my dad a yoyo for christmas, and I am looking for anything MIB that you would sell for under $40. I will pay $25 for a Yoyojam plastic metal hybrid or $20 for a Protostar/Northstar. If you have something like a Y factor I would pay the $40. Send me all offers that are mint in box!

This thread is obviously closed…

I have a green North Star not in box though

Are you kidding??


No I’m serious he has North Star listed so I made an offer see dingo that’s what you do on bst is make people offers and they say yes are no. Now dingo I know that’s a little hard for you to understand but read it a couple times you’ll get it. Ps sorry I used words over 5 letters I know how hard that is for you

…I think youre missing something VERY important about this thread

I love how you’re trying to say dingo54 doesn’t understand, when you’re being an idiot.

How so ?

I know it’s past Christmas but he could easily still be looking hints his topic don’t have please delete on it I figure anythings worth a shot and I need to sell it so I tried it there’s nothing wrong with that?

Whats wrong with that is it doesn’t matter if you want to offer or not, DON’T POST IN THE THREAD. if you are going to send someone a ridiculous offer on a two month old thread, at least do it in a PM instead of bumping such an old, outdated topic to the top of the list.

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Cool thanks for the advice

Lol here come the forum bullies and philosophers to try and ruin someone’s day again!! You guys are telling him not to post in the thread BUT YOU’RE ALL POSTING IN THE THREAD! Geeze man, I love how some of you guys act on here, obviously he thought the post was valid or he wouldn’t have done it correct? Man I don’t understand why people are like that, they act like they care about people breaking the rules but whe they or someone they know breaks forum rules etc they keep their kissers shut, how funny is that

And navy throw what is wrong with it being bumped? Does it run your day? I don’t get what the point of being so ridiculously rude to someone who is new on the forums is gonna do, why don’t you go give your two cents to the people who haven’t shipped yet in the gift exchange since you seem to love to chime in

I know lol that’s some funny stuff and he’s right lol he gots you guys pegged lol

You’re pretty much the last person to be calling all of us philosophers. And if you’re so nice to new users, then why would you complain so much when someone with less than the required amount of feedback wanted to/entered the gift exchange? And Navythrow was trying to explain why posting in this is stupid. Gotta learn eventually. And you know what? You posted in this thread too, if that wasn’t obvious enough for you to notice.

You’re still at fault here. For someone to already have feedback, most would think you already know the rules of the BST.

So sanez posts an offer on someone’s 2 month old thread, bumping it to the top of the bst, and someone calls him out on it. He then proceeds to indirectly call the guy who called him out an idiot. Then Navythrow tells hims what was wrong with what he did (not actually that rudely), and sanez says okay.
I missed the part where the “bullies and philosophers” tried to ruin someone’s day, and the part where they turned a blind eye to others breaking rules. It’s widely accepted on just about every forum that you shouldn’t necro post.

In the future, just pm offers. Even if it’s a thread that was posted that day.
Now I’m gonna go notify an admin to move this to the archived bst, or just lock it.


Wow seems we made a big deal out of a little thing I’m going to be honest we’ve all been stupid its just yoyoing not life are death so I posted on an old thread no harm and yes I understand what I did and probably should have pm it’s not that big of a deal those guy it was one time just to see if he still had it I still thought it was valid honest and the other guy was partly right. And I was only saying that about dingo because in another thread he called someone a scammer he never even done business with he put the guy down and he doesn’t even know if the guy scams are not so yeah I think he’s pretty mean I even told him if you think he scams tell the mods but he insisted he scams he scams I said don’t ruin his name your not 100% sure and the mods will take care of it but quit making accusations when you haven’t done business with him but sure enough he keep insisting he scammed hey that’s cool like I said tell the mods don’t make a big deal cause if your wrong you make people scared to buy from him and he hasn’t done nothing wrong so yes I indirectly call him stupid not because this thread because I knew what he’s done on past threads. But honestly I may have handled this thread wrong but dingo straight up called someone a scammer he’s never done business with that’s also wrong and an unfair shake of the stick if he scams alert the mods they handle it don’t make him look bad oh and he didn’t scam that’s the funny thing nor has he scammed. So I did call dingo out yes sorry that you guys feel strongly against me mybe I’ve handle it wrong to and I apologize next time ill pm and dingo next time tell the mods don’t be immature sorry guys well I’m done with this thread later

Making 2 accounts is considered scamming, especially when he asks the other account if hes still selling, as a free bump and to make people think others are interested. So learn your facts

Like I said report him ps how do you know Both are his give me proof give me undoubted proof

Se you can’t give proof the mods will handle it don’t make him look bad