Is it wrong to buy throws and then trade them or trade and retrade them?

Lately I have been making a lot of trades on the B/S/T and offering them for trades if I decide it’s not one of my favorites. (I like to keep about 3 to 4 throws, I’m a collector but I’m not insane about it, like I don’t want to have 40 yoyos if I only use like 5 of them…) But I have heard people talk about “scalpers” and I thought…oh dear, am I a “scalper?” So is buying and selling or trading frowned upon???

Nope. That’s what the B/S/T is here for. A scalper is someone who has the time and the money to sit in front of his computer waiting for something rare that a lot of people want (yoyo, concert tickets, sports tickets). When they go on sale he quickly buys as many as he can afford, just so when they sell out he can resell them for a huge profit. For example; If you had the time and the $130 to sit in front of your computer and hit “refresh” every 3 seconds because you knew a new CLYW was about to become available. Then when it did, you bought one just so you could wait the 10 minutes until they sold out, then put it on the B/S/T for $300.

Not at all, it may depend on slightly on your personal ethics, but I doubt anyone here on the forums will dislike you for selling a yoyo you don’t like.

of course not!

Ahh makes sense, thanks guys.

The way I see it, once it’s in your possession, you can do with it as you see fit. If you want to just flip yoyos, that’s your business.

I’ve been doing a lot of BUYING on BST right now. I am a collector of sorts, but I want to have a lot of variety as well. My intentions are to have a sizable collection of yoyos in a variety of shapes and sizes. If I eventually end up with something I don’t like, I’ll put it up on BST. However, that is most likely UNLIKELY as I like everything I’ve been throwing.

I buy yoyos for the pure purpose of selling them for more all the time. People may have a problem with it but I say shut up, Ill do whatever the hay I want.

Its your’s, do with it as you please. You want to keep it mint and sell it for more, do it. You want to ding it up for fun and lulz, do it, and if anyone tries to tell you not to, ding there yoyos.



I’ve been active lately, doing the same thing. I had a Aoda Rainbow, which I traded for a Northstar, which was traded for a YYF Destiny, which was traded for a starlite+cash, all of which happened over two weeks. Now I’m enjoying the starlite and using the cash to start the process over. I enjoy trading.

I made 6 trades in one day last week with yoyos that I had got the day before and now I am going to put them up on my bst before they even get here. I just love the bst, isn’t it great. I am going after competition throws that will match my style and I have to get yoyos to try them out and I would rather pay 6 dollars for shipping instead of buying them. If you want to trade and sell back and forth just to get a certian yoyo or just because you want to then just go for it. One yoyo that I have decided not to get rid of is the gnarwhal that I have coming in, so you keep what you like and sell and trade the rest. The bst is for buying, selling, and trading over and over again. Just do as you please.