A newbie needs some help

Hello all. I haven’t touched a yoyo in about 22 years. I just acquired a Yomega crossfire. I know this is basic stuff but I can not make it return. I have never used a yoyo with a bearing and really have no clue about the basics. I am just looking for some simple help so I can move on to more advanced stuff.

The Cross fire is unresponsive. You need to either learn a bind return, or quintuple loop your string around your axle.

By unresponsive he means that it doesn’t come back with a pull.

You will need to learn a simple trick called Bind.

Go to learn at the top if your screen, and look through the Beginner-intermediate section for “Bind”

OK. I just went and watched the string tension video and I have only one question…Is there an easier yoyo to learn with?

Well, yes. But, you will want and it will be easier to learn with a unresponsive yoyo.

Trust me, bind isint hard. That’s all you need to learn then you can learn everything!

You want a yoyo that can grow with you, something that can go from responsive to unresponsive.

There’s a large number of choices in general, but keeping the price under $30:

The YoYoJam Legacy II and Chaser have a slim bearing pre-installed for responsive play, and a full width bearing for unresponsive play included in the package. The YoYoJam Classic does NOT come with the wider bearing but can be upgraded to the full sized bearing.

The YoYoFactory ONE is another easy to learn on yoyo. It starts with the slim/responsive bearing pre-installed. If you purchase the one with the 2nd bearing, you get a full width bearing in the box for upgrading to unresponsive play. However, this yoyo is rather light, but its capable.

The YoYoFactory Velocity has an adjustable dial response system that can take you fro super responsive to dead unresponsive and anything in between.

I suggest learning responsive play first, then get your basics down, increase your comfort level, progress, get some confidence and then move up to unresponsive play.

The Classic is good for learning begging responsive at 10 bucks. And then later can be upgraded to unresponsive or you can use your crossfire.

Studio, remember when you went on and on about how good a classic is? Well I got one upgraded it and now I won’t trade or sell even for more than retail!

Or you can buy some thick lube. Or quintuple loop your string around your axle.

Thick lube would be A a waste of cash. Plus if you add shipping.

B he will have to undo it all later and that can be hard. Cleaning with acetone etc.

Yes, I do remember. I can’t believe how much I enjoy this $10 plastic yoyo. I’m planning on getting a couple more of them. Since I’m starting to do demonstrations(nothing amazing, I’m still not that great of a player), the Classic is one of the items I strongly recommend, but for 12-and-up beginners due to the need to order extra parts. For under 12, I recommend the Velocity due to not needing to buy extra parts.

The Classic is so versatile. 1A, 3A, 5A, it does them all really well. It’s not the best at any, but it’s still really good. The yoyo let’s to customize it, within certain parameters as well. The stock rubber rings are fine, and the slim bearing gets new players started very well. Users can then choose an after-market bearing of their choosing(flat or shaped or even grooved) when they advance to unresponsive play. The Classic also provides users with a fantastic choice of response upgrades. The stock rubber rings work great and can be replaced with #11 rubber gasket rings for a couple of dollars for a little box of 10, or users can choose any of a wide selection of compatible 19mm response pads, which include YYJ, YYF, Buddha, K-pads, IrPads and more. If that isn’t enough, it’s also fantastic with flowable silicone.

From a perspective of people who want to experiment, the Classic is ideal for the reasons I mentioned above. This durable plastic lets users play with different bearings and response pads, and yet for a mere $10, the cost of this yoyo doesn’t reveal it’s true value. Since it’s only like $10, that leaves money left over to buy a bearing and/or pads, which could more than double the price of the yoyo depending on the bearing. The real question is “Do I buy the upgrade parts with the initial purchase to save money on shipping, or do I just start with the yoyo and the the shipping of it, then order the upgrade parts later if I find I do like this?”

At the same point, for $10, stock, it’s great to get started with. If you don’t like it, it’s cheap enough to walk away. But, if one does like to yoyo, then it has the ability to “grow” through upgrades.

I have 7 right now. I will be getting 2 more. Here’s how I have them configured.
5 are with flowable silicone. 1 is kept with the responsive bearing, the rest have YYJ Speed bearings. Of the 4 with the Speed bearings, 1 is set up for 1A, another for 5A and two have shorter strings for 3A play.
2 more are kept stock response, but one has a YYJ Speed bearing, while the other will stay completely stock.
The next 2 will be chosen probably at Nationals. These will both receive a pre-made pad for their response and one will be kept with the stock bearing and the other will get a YYJ Speed bearing. I will be carying some response pads and bearings with me at Nationals if choose to do on the spot upgrades.

The purpose of the different response systems is for new people to see the differences and even play/feel the differences.

Considering I am seeing people competing with “upgraded” Classics, that says a lot right there. When I am out and about, I usually have 2 Classics with me in my YYE Medium bag: the 1A one and the 5A one.

It doesn’t have to be lube from yoyoexpert. He can just pick it up at a local hardware store. Also looping the axle is not hard at all

O.K., I’ve got the return part down. I threw at least 50 times today and managed to get a successful return about 95% of the time. Thank you all. I am going to move on to some basic tricks now.

Congrats my friend! At this rate, you’ll be landing spirit bombs before you know it :slight_smile:

Hope you keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D