When should I get a more advanced YoYo?


I have a Crossfire from Yomega now.


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But you should get a new yoyo when you’re ready for more advanced tricks. I (think) the crossfire is responsive?
When you’ve got trapeze, and some other tricks down, you’re most likely ready to move to an unresponsive plastic yoyo. Then when you get pretty good at that, you could move to a metal, etc.
If you can find a yoyo class to go to, and get to try some yoyos, it’s great because you can kind of decide if you want to buy something maybe before you actually go to buy it.


The crossfire is a good yoyo to start off with and with enough use it will become unresponsive. i learned many of my intermediate tricks with that yoyo…once you get those down you should move up…maybe a solid unresponsive? YYF has a great variety to choose from at a cheap price.


Get a yoyojam classic. It’s responsive, but you can spend a few extra dollars getting a wide bearing to play unresponsive.


Plastic unresponsive is the next step if you can spare the little cash. I could not afford to waste my cash taking stepping stones. I skipped right away to a metal. My lack of skill is hurting my metal and it’s not pleasant.

Or you can always get a more unresponsive bearing and possibly thinner strings.


YYJ surge or the YYJ legacy 3 is your best bet it comes responsive but you can make it unresponsive with the change of a spare bearing that comes with the Yoyo.


When you should get a more advanced yoyo depends on what tricks you can do, not on what yoyo you have now. Tell us what tricks you can do.


You’re asking this question, correct?

Then you are ready.

I’d say pick up a Protostar/Northstar.


Get one now. You don’t even have to be “advanced”. You can get one the first day you start yoyoing. :wink:

Get whatever your budget will permit. And by that, I don’t mean “spend as much as you can,” what I mean is that you should pick out a yoyo that you really like (especially if it’s well-liked or well-reviewed) and as long as it fits your budget, just get it.

You don’t have to be good to “deserve” a $50, $100, or $200 yoyo. You just need $50, $100, or $200.

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I know people who started on unresponsive yo-yos.

Although I still recommend having a basic foundation in responsive play.


i always wonder why people recommend that to a beginner. The yoyo is fun to play/modify but I think most beginners aren’t looking for a yoyo that they’ll have to buy more components for and modify the response system to make it play how they want it to.


The classic plays as well as some metal yoyo I’ve played, and it’s super cheap. I also think most beginners are looking for a yoyo that will come back to their hand without binds. A responsive classic can do tricks made for unresponsive play, too. And I can tell you that you can live a while on just a classic with a good bearing and response pads. I think it is so underestimated as an advanced yoyo.


Thanks that really helped alot.
But I live where I dont have alot of options becouse there are only 3 YoYo’s in the only shop where i can buy prober YoYo’s that are not from ToySrus.

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Can you order from YYE? I understand shipping might be pricy.


Get whatever yoyo you like best! Things to consider/remember IMO that are most important for your first serious yoyo purchase.

  1. Dings will happen. If you like CLYW or other expensive companies yoyo’s thats awesome, but being your first yoyo it more than likely will end up getting lots of dings and scuffs. If you don’t mind spending $150 because it looks cool and you don’t really mind if it gets dinged up then get it! Just don’t get something that you will never throw because you are afraid to get her marked up.

  2. Get what you really like. If you go with a yoyo recommended by someone because they say it is the “smoothest” or “best” and you don’t really love it then it isn’t gonna get played as much as something you love.

  3. Most yoyo’s if unresponsive will take you to the master level tricks list here. Yes some are better, but its mostly the player and not the yoyo. Shape, size, bearing type are all important, but for a good while while your still learning, none of that matters. Its all about loving it, throwing it, and having a blast doing it!

I hope this helps.

With all said here are my recommendations.

  1. I love my Yoyo jam dark magic 2. It comes with a responsive and unresponsive bearing. Some people hate it, some love it. Its old school but it supports Andre who created this site and really is a fun yoyo that will teach you a lot, plus it comes in tons of cool color ways! BTW its a solid yoyo which has metal and plastic, best of both worlds.

  2. Buy yourself some string when you get your yoyo. I played with the same string my first 2 months, it would have helped out a ton if I had gotten some better string on there right away. Suggestion on string, don’t do what I did and get something like toxic. it was hard to work with and not a good beginner string IMO. Go with kitty normal string, cheap, easy, and really my favorite string that is kinda the norm.

Sorry about the novel but I hope I helped you.


Upgrade when you feel like it

I personally think getting to at least advanced part 1 on yoyoexpert is preferred but everything up through expert part 1 is pretty easy on responsive if you practice enough. Suicides can still be pretty nasty.

Also I don’t understand why anyone would reccomend the legacy 3. Hate the legacy just as much as the Dm2 with it’s outdated shape.


Get the yoyo that you like


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