A New high performance yoyo from Yoyojam

Dale sending 10 of these to the North east yoyo contest . CNC machined Celcon body ith aluminum rings. 56mm by 41mm by 66.6 grams. The weight is exactly in the right spot. The yoyo is powerfully fast and very smooth. Feels Solid on the string. It’s All catch zone and feels very good on the throwdown and on the return. Konkave bearing and Dales’ slick looking pattern just add to the Positive nature of this New model. Truly an Instant Smile generator. Get one or try one if you can. It is Serious stuff.




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Looks awesome but I feel like this is an April Fools joke.

yes, this is an April fools joke. They took the time to prototype and construct yoyos all for an April fools joke.

Machined celcon?

Machined Delrin? Sure. Celcon is molded, not fully machined.

However, I don’t think this is a joke. See this link:

And note the date!

Not to say it’s a joke or not, but those sure do look very similar to the very limited run of the metal Chasers released after Mickey left YYJ:

Perhaps this is a full metal version of it?

Looks nice. Wonder what price it’s gonna sell at.

I want a Black one today.

Looks awesome, but I wonder what the price will be? I feel like $50ish is about as high as I want to go on hybrids. I think my SFX and Vexed perform great for $40-$50 range yoyos, but any higher and I would be looking into metals. I’ll won’t buy a phenomizm at $70 when I can buy a burnside for $85.

I tried John Narum’s prototype as well as a Metal Chaser at NER. They both feel very different, despite the similarity in appearance. For what it’s worth, I liked the Narum throw better. It really brought back the “old Yoyojam” feel, back in the day when people competed on Speeders/DMs/Hitmen, but totally up to modern standards. I definitely want one, price will decide whether or not I get it.