A new convert

Well, I finally managed to corrupt - I mean convince - my wife to give it a go. She’s decided to try off-string.


Here she is with her first yoyo - the Fiesta XX!

It’s great to know we have another yoyoer in the community now!

Fiesta XX? Lucky girl! Nice guy!

Wife won’t touch my yoyos! She says they are for kids.

YoYo: winning hearts and minds one throw at a time!

Brave trying 4a before 1a. Good luck to her.

The Fiesta XX ships with the string looped around it. Go figure! But it will play responsive that way.

Interesting, not received mine yet so I didn’t know. When looking around though I did see one or two websites offer it as a 1a yoyo. Mistake?

Mistake. It’s clearly marketed and advertised as a 4A yoyo. Chances are they didn’t check the details, don’t care, don’t know or aren’t really yoyo people. I mean, unless you’re into this, are you really going to know? Really, outside of modified shape and wing shape, people don’t know much about the differences. On top of that, with the way some yoyos are shaped, those not on the “inside” won’t know if something is really a looper or a string trick yoyo.

There’s big differences between a site run my ethusiasts who want to further something, and a store offering it as a item for sale in from a constantly changing catalog of merchandise of all kinds.

It is probably shipped around it to prevent people not to knowledgeable, or just forgetful, from throwing it right away and it smashing to the ground.

Maybe. I did look at my boxes that came with the Fiesta XX and Go Big and there’s no mention of “off string” or even model or nothing other than the YYJ stuff on it. Other than “this is not a toy, for ages 13 and up”, there’s no indication of what it is. So I think you’re right on that.

Gotta love generic YYJ boxes! I mean, why waste money on packaging, right? Even so, I keep them all in a safe place in case I ever need them. I still remember the feeling when my DM2 arrived and I saw that green YYJ box for the first time. Then I recall when my Fiesta XX came and I saw the larger off-string box with the white graphics. Then I recall when my Phenom arrived in the same kind of box as my DM2 and felt a little let down since it was so expensive. Then I recall my Big Yo in it’s plastic bag!

Well to be fair it is not like the higher end yoyos are in your local Tesco, well at least here in the UK, so they don’t need to put money into packaging design. But it is nice when you have very nice when you receive a yoyo with nice packaging or anything for that matter.

Best packaging I have seen for a yoyo is the Cold Metal Ice Cream 2.0.