A Mild Peeve

You’re playing around with your brand new yoyo.
Nice and sleek.
Perfectly balanced.
Totally smooth.
Handles every trick you throw at it.
Helps you hit that one really complicated trick that you could never complete.

It’s amazing.

You hold it lovingly in your hands, inspecting its every curve… but wait a minute. Hold up. Hang on. What is this?!

The lettering on the yoyo halves aren’t aligned. On this side it reads “Shutter” and on the other side there’s Gentry’s fancy, angular signature rotated 45 degrees from the correct axis.


That caps are rarely perfectly aligned. You could try unscrewing it and screwing it back in, but I can’t guarantee anything.

because the threading on both sides are at different angles… this annoys me slight ocd too but i learned to live with it.

You have ocd? I have something similar called CDO. It’s like OCD but everything in alphabetical order like it should be. ;D

Time to buy yoyos without lettering lol. I kind of assumed that they actually would be aligned more often than not, because why not?? I can push hard on the caps of my ONEstar to rotate and align the pattern on both halves, but can’t do that with the Shutter. :’(

Just live with it. There’s not a single yoyo, from my experience, which has it’s engravings perfectly aligned on both sides.

Nothing is perfect in life :wink:

keep twisting until they line up!

Because they don’t engrave assembled yoyos. The halves are engraved separately!

Not something that ever bothers me.

Do NOT try to twist until they line up. That’s a recipe for stripped threads. Just tighten the correct amount and leave it.

Agreed! I was just about to mention that companies don’t ano and engrave assembled yoyos. If they did, that would take a lot of time and would probably still not line up correctly in the long run once the consumer gets it and constantly screws and unsrews the yoyo, or replaces the axel or whatnot.

It really shouldn’t be a big deal since you should be playing your yoyo anyway… Unless your gonna display it, but still, you can only display one side at a time.

Or like someone said above, it’s time for you to start getting unengraved yoyos… :wink:

Them benchmarks though

Duncan Momentum. I have three and they all came lined up.

This kind of thing does not bother me while holding a yo-yo in my hands, I tend to just rotate the yo-yo around to the angle I want to look at it.

That’s what I like about taking photos for the Splash Game. I can find a precise angle that the yo-yo looks good to me, snap a photo, and see it that way whenever I want. I like looking at both cups at the same time too.

Engraving not aligned in a photo does peeve me a bit though. I can always re-do them though.

Personally I like putting my yoyo in that it looks great when its not in my hand. When it’s in my hand I throw it and it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Easily fixable!

That’s not ocd.

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wow. So original.

Is it? There’s a way around it?

I just lie to myself and pretend it’s not there, and look at my perfectly aligned ONEstar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, any one drop with se can be perfectly aligned. On a similar note; left Twix is flowed on and right Twix is dipped. Why can’t they fix that too.

Yeah, was half seriously considering only getting One Drop yoyos in the future lol.

I seem to care about this issue a lot more than you guys on average; maybe it’s my OCD. Before any of you jump on me for appropriating and abusing a legitimate psychological disorder, I’ll make it clear that I do indeed have OCD. This alignment issue doesn’t give me any anxiety that I experience with my actual triggers, but it does have a mild effect on me that constitutes a slight annoyance.

On topic with the thread; this used to bother me, but I guess I got over it over time.