why do people like to ship yoyos in halves?

Typically we all avoid unscrewing yoyos by all means, so I cant exactly see wats the point of doing so. It certainly wont make it much easier to check the codition of the yoyo, or even save package size, as some people seem to do this even when the original box is already included and could have served the same purpose. Is there a specific historical reason behind this?

I agree, I don’t see the point. Manufacturers and retailers send the Yoyo together.

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a small late rate usps priority box or envelope is pretty small. both will accommodate a screwed together yo-yo (usually), but not with a lot of room to spare or padding. throwing a single heavy parcel on top of a screwed together yo-yo COULD bend the axle (or worse in severe cases). unscrewing the yo-yo, it’s easier to keep the halves safe and padded. granted, to do it this way, you’ve got to keep them segregated so they won’t bang against each other AND pack the axle/bearing/string in a way that will keep it together as well. i don’t always ship yo-yo’s that way, but sometimes i feel it’s safer.


ive done the same… if i dont have the box that the manufacturer sent it in and if its a relatively expensive yoyo then i might take the yoyo apart and wrap the separately in bubble wrap to avoid the yoyo being damaged in anyway.

Yep, I typically ship with the smallest flat rate USPS box. Most yoyos will fit in it while screwed together, but it provides no room for cushioning on the two big sides of the box. If the box were to be crushed, the axle would be bent fairly easily. So instead I separate the halves and wrap them separately in bubble wrap, so that there’s plenty of cushion around each half. Then axle and bearing go in a little baggie, and then I pack as much bubble wrap around everything as will fit. It’s the most secure and safest packing I can do with that box. Otherwise, if somebody needed it to be shipped fully assembled, I’d only feel comfortable sending it in a larger box, which is more expensive.

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It is not a preference of mine either.  I typically ship the yo-yo the same way a manufacturer or retailer ships it (assembled).  I think that no matter how you ship it, it’s the packing that is important, and that’s what prevents most potential damage.

I think shipping in halves was popularized by people shipping within the second hand market (the buy sell trade).  The reason is probably that some people think it helps prevent damage.  I don’t particularly agree, but I think that’s how it started.

I don’t avoid unscrewing yoyos “by all means,” because I certainly do it when it’s necessary for maintenance.  As long as a shipper is taking some care and effort to make sure that I get a yo-yo without damage, and it arrives safe with no issues, I will have no complaints about the method.

I have a preference, but I don’t focus on the method, I focus on the result.

I wrote this long ago, but for more detail, read #2:

I kinda feel like this is in response to how I sent you the yoyo in our BST exchange. I personally sent it in halves because I sent it in a small padded envelope. In halves seemed like the safest option in that case and I feel like sending it in halves is almost always the safest bet unless the you are to believe that unscrewing the yoyo will cause vibe.

Or I would have sent it together if it was in a box that was large enough to do so but I didn’t want to spend $20 shipping a $45 yoyo.

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I feel that shipping disassembled minimizes the chance of damage in shipping and will specifically ask that it be shipped that way. Of course it needs to be adequately packaged i.e. bearing, axle and other small parts in a baggy, and halves individually wrapped. I see no issue with thread damage when taking one apart and I have never stripped one putting it together. It just takes a little care.

Typically? We? All?

Who exactly is ‘we all’?

That has to be the most exaggerated urban legend/phobia/myth/etc., ever to hover over the meek of the Yoyo world, lol.

I would not even own a Yoyo that I would fear taking apart.

I’ve been at this 18 years now. I have a 1000 yoyos. I unscrew yoyos every single day… Every single day.
In 18 years I have had 3 broken axles and two yoyos strip out on one side.

You should only live in fear of unscrewing Junk yoyos.

Could you even imagine if you landed on some pile a money and got excited. And decided to buy an Oxy Hyperion or a YYR Dazzler or a Brand New ‘Old-never-used’ Peak; and you called in a phone order. And the guy tells you,‘You are buying a seriously awesome Yoyo. But don’t take it apart unless you absolutely have to’. <> WHAT?

…These following 3 things go together: afraid of big bad wolves, sleep under the covers with the lights on, don’t unscrew your yo-yos.

On direct topic> sending yoyos broken down into halves, with each half bubble wrapped and bearing and axle wrapped in tissue and the covered with foil, is the safest way to make it much more difficult for the Postal carriers to destroy your Yoyo.

I don’t care how Yoyoexpert ships their yoyos ‘Whole’. They ship hundreds of yoyos and it would be very time consuming for them to make a big ritual dismantling yoyos half the day. They know most will get to the buyer without any problems.

But when I send a Yoyo to somebody; I make the Maximum effort to minimize any possibility of the Yoyo incurring damage. So if I use a video/book box; apart the Yoyo comes. If I have the USPS cubes, I send em whole but completely centered in bubbles or peanuts. Anything short of doing something right, is doing it wrong.

Let me give you some good free advice. People quit smoking. They quit drinking. They give up drugs. They stop gambling. People can do Amazing things if they are seriously determined to make a change for the better in their lives and the lives of the people around them.
…So use your powers of positivity and determination and utilize your willingness to grasp reality in its simplest form. Quit 1. living in Fear of unscrewing yoyos. 2. Posting up on the Forum that We All do whatever we can to Avoid unscrewing yoyos.

You can do it. And in doing so, lift a dark cloud of pointless/groundless Fear from your Mind.



I’ve received yoyos like this before, but I have no idea why.

Read the above comments for the reason why… :wink:

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I unscrew my yoyos all the time. when I have a difficult knot or just need to replace string sometimes. I don’t really know why people are scared to unscrew yoyos.


Longer yoyo life.

Eventually, no matter how careful you are, the threads will slowly be worn down–very slowly that is.

Some yo-yos are really sensitive to axle positioning. Unscrewing the yo-yo would upset the tuning, which can give a yo-yo some pretty severe vibe. This doesn’t happen with all yo-yos, but it happens with my Pulsefire and all of my YYRs.

I still take apart my yo-yos when I ship them in a Priority Mail box, though.

Don’t believe this guy. Man this is why people call this place the blind leading the blind. Longer yoyo life, lol, I hope that was satire that went over my head. ???

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Well, if people are rough with their yoyos while unscrewing them, it can definitely damage the threads. But it’s really not that hard to do so carefully, in which case the threads will be perfectly fine for many, many, many unscrewings.

It’s true :stuck_out_tongue: Like I said though, takes a long time.

I recall Ernie saying something of the like in a similar thread a while back.

The majority of my yoyos either have very tight bearing seats that screech and become visibly worn down with screwing, or require tuning to get back smooth (with a different exact angle for every different bearing, so cant just fix the axle on one half). Fewer than 5 of my 60+ yoyos have neither of these two problems, the 2syy queen, L5, and turning point palpitation when i had it, thats all i can come up with now going through my current yoyo cases. Props to these companies of high quality standard… but reality simply doesnt allow you to expect this of all yoyos. Pairing a tight bearing seat with an axle standing less than 1mm over the bearing…I v certainly seen pro players missing trapezes in their contest freestyles for enough times.They all could have been more careful after all.
I take apart yoyos to clean bearings and change response (which people have noted before that I do more frequently than the average), but bottom line I just cant relate to those who take yoyos apart for just untying a knot. maybe if all of my yoyos are made by TP, but as of now, if I encounter The knot that cant be picked out, I d rather cut the string altogether.
Yet there are people who have no problem watsoever with walking the dog with any of their yoyos, but at the same time there also are people who avoid even the phrase ‘walk the dog’ when they secretly want to do so with their titaniums.

I unscrew my yoyos for every single knot, and I clean every bearing at least once a week, regardless if it needs it (I just like tinkering with everything).

I haven’t stripped a single yoyo, and only one has significant vibe (but that’s a yoyo I received with slight vibe, and it hasn’t gotten worse). It’s definitely feasible to unscrew often and not damage the threads.

Now, you can count that as anecdotal evidence, but you can say the same for people that regularly strip yoyos; it’s anecdotal and relies fully on how the person treats their stuff. All in all, it’s just a matter of respecting and taking care of your stuff. One of my yoyos that’s been unscrewed hundreds of times may be in better shape with less vibe than somebody else’s throw that they’ve only unscrewed once. That’s not me bragging, I’m just making a point that it’s more about how you treat the throw rather than the actual act of unscrewing.

I ship in halves because it fits in the small usps priority mail box better wrapped in bubble wrap, and also that way it is nearly impossible to bend the axle or the axle hole in the yoyo.

Never had an issue with a large amount of vibe, sometimes a dead smooth yoyo will vibe for me a little bit after unscrewing it, but i am always able to tune it mostly out. Vibe has never grown on my yoyos from unscrewing it over and over again.