A little help in deciding


Currently looking to upgrade my current freehand zero but was after a little bit off help.

I’m torn between the dark magic or one of the metal duncan yoyos. Been throwing the freehand for a while so sort of have a bit of loyalty to duncans. Not sure though. Any advice? I like the look of the strix.

Interested to hear your views

Just got to try the stix and it seems very hefty and beginner friendly. It was on the sharp side so I really recommend the shutter it has everything especially if you get the blasted version. I cannot recomend it enough…

The Strix Is a good unresponsive Yoyo

The YYF Shutter Is Really Good To

The One Drop Rally Is Also Really Good

Here Are The Links For All Of Them. go And Check Out The Specs and See What You Think

Shutter http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1049/YYF-Shutter

Rally http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1024/One-Drop-Rally

Or You Could Go With a One Drop Bench Mark V, O or H

Theres Lots Of Different Inexpensive Unresponsive Yoyos Out There You Just Have To Check Um All Out And See Which One Looks Like It Would Be The Best For You

Cheers guys, I’ll check them all out. Any thoughts on an unresponsive raptor or the dark magic? I like the look of the new limited edition designs

dark magic is an extremely outdated design in terms of current competition play. The extremely high walls make horizontals pretty hard.

I’d personally stick with a strix or echo2 if it had to be duncan unless you can afford to spend more and pick up the barracuda which is amazing. I’d personally grab a C3 level 6, yyf shutter or ckm8. They’re all in the budget metal category and destroy their competition. In terms of awesome unresponsive plastics you have the something addiction and onedrop rally though.

Just had a look at the barracuda and it looks awesome!!! Not sure if I can stretch my budget that far though. I’ll take a look.

Have both a Raptor and a Shutter. The Shutter definitely out-performs the Raptor (though I love the Raptor, still) and with just 5 dollars apart, I don’t think it’d be too much of an issue. :smiley:

I just got my Shutter about a week and a half ago. It’s great! Really smooth. I’d definitely recommend it. :3 As for Duncan, the Strix and Echo II look promising but I do recall hearing that the Shutter outplays them. Other throws that I’ve been looking at are the OD Benchmark Series, C3 Level 6, YYO Hatchet, and the YYF CZM8. All of those are 60 bucks and under. I doubt you’ll go wrong with any. :smiley: