A little contest - win a YYJ Vigilante! QUESTIONS INSIDE!

Hey everybody! We’ve been having so much fun entering contests that we thought we’d run a couple. The first one is a scavenger hunt and the winner gets a NEW YYJ Vigilante. If you want to enter, just go to my FB page and follow the clues. Everyone who answers the 9 questions correctly will be entered into a random number drawing on May 30th.

C’mon people – the odds of winning are looking good so far!

Well the drawing is on my birthday. I better start looking

the little guy and i were totally trying…we got like one out of the first three lol :frowning:

I wish it wasn’t on facebook,

then I could do it. :frowning:

Howdy everyone! As promised, here’s the start of Erik’s first contest! The contest is a scavenger hunt. To play, you’ll need to answer all 9 questions in the hunt correctly. Everyone who submits all 9 correct answers will be entered into a random drawing to win the Vigilante!

  1. In Eric Koloski’s 2012 Cal State 6th place freestyle, at what time in the video does h…e do the first jade whip? (HINT: In Blake Ruskin’s video.)

  2. In Alex Lee’s “Alex Lee x Yoyojam GO BIG” video, at what time does he start his between the legs trick?

  3. In Tessa Piccillo’s BLC/DXL 2011 video (uploaded by theglasslab) at what time does she do the wrist mount combo?

  4. In Prince Vortex Presents: Tylor McCallumore, what kind of car (just the make) is Tylor yoyo-ing on?

  5. In John Narum vs. Ben Conde at what time does John do the one-handed handstand?

  6. In Mike Goody’s Yoyojam Chaser Promo, at what time does he do split bottom mount revolutions?

  7. In C3yoyodesign Present : World Yoyo Contest 2011 4A 4th Ben Conde, at what time does Ben head the yoyo?

  8. In AJ Kirk 5A - NER 2012 (kbjork27 channel), at what time does AJ hip check the yoyo back and forth?

  9. In Erik’s Winter Short video, at what time does he do the gyroscopic flop?

To enter, send your answers (time and video URL) to Erik’s email address: erik@yoyojam.com. You can send all 9 answers in one email or send mutiple emails. The random drawing will take place on May 30th at 8pm EST, so get all your entries in by then. Remember, you have to answer all the questions correctly to be eligible to win! Please share this with anyone you think would like to enter.

Thanks for putting it on this thread!

I completed it!

Thanks man!

Last day to get your entries in!

Did you mean “lazy day” or “last day?” Because you said the deadline was tomorrow at 8 pm EST

I meant “Last” – typing on the phone is always a challenege!

Who won?