A little bit of history


ok so I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and it’s the right time. Almost exactly 6 years ago we closed the Skilltoys.net forums forever, removing over 7 years of historical conversations, trick information, product releases, arguments and other stuff that happens in a yo-yo forum. I’ve held on to the archive of those forums since that day, and today I’m putting it back up as part of the Museum. It’s read only so no-one can post, but I hope you find it an enjoyable look back through time.

Skilltoys.net Board

You may recognize some names in there - for example, MasterMagic would be the one and only André Boulay. barneyakers is Steve Brown, dif-e-yo is actually Frank and I believe somewhere buried in there is the original announcement of the Konkave bearing.


Hard to believe it’s been that long.


I can’t wait to read through it. Thanks Chimera. I love reading about yo-yo history.

MasterMagic wished me a happy birthday yesterday. ;D That was so cool!


This deserves a sticky…


Awesome! Thanks for this!


wow! I was totally the most annoying kid ever!

I haven’t cringed this much in a long time!

interesting look back in time.


I wonder how many other users will feel the same, looking back at their younger selves :slight_smile:


Yeah, there were some historic flame wars going on at times.
I think a lot of us are a bit guilty there.

(ed) #9

Wow. I missed that place.

(Steve Brown) #10



I feel that way looking at my old account, and I’ll probably feel that way about this account eventually.

What was your username?


oh wow, this will be fun… thanks for this


Don’t dig too deep… :wink:


Heh, that place closed down shortly after I got into yoyoing, wish I got a chance to join the forums there, oh well, reading through some of those posts seems pretty satisfying too!


oh I already have… most of my really obnoxious posts predate that database though :slight_smile: (most)


Kinda wish most of the pics of the mods done were still there…


There may be some in the photo gallery which I have, but didn’t restore due to disk space. I’ll see what I can do.


Ooh, now that is a forum I wish I still had - the original “Dave’s wonderful world of yo-yos” board. Unfortunately that got corrupted before I had any concept of backups.

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So much fun to read back through that stuff. It’s pretty crazy how many friends I have now whom I first knew as screen names on Dave’s board. Now if Rich/Tommy and GReg could somehow reload the ES and yoyoing.com/news boards, I’d have a 10.0 nostalgia-quake.

Edit: memmmmmmorrrrrieeees


It’s so weird not seeing anything about CLYW and general yo.