A List of Bearings

Let’s make a list of all the bearing types there are in no specific order.

Terrapin X
OD 8-ball
OD 10-ball
Size A
Mini Flea Bearing
Billybob Bearings
Konkave Bearings
Size D
YYJ HalfSpec
YYJ Speed

What are some others?

All you ever need to know about Ball Bearings

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You’re missing billybob bearings.

It’s not like kk’s were obscure or anything… ::slight_smile:

:wink: :smiley: My thoughts exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Size d, YYJ half spec, YYJ speed

Whats the quietest bearing out there?

Lubed General-Yo AIGR or OneDrop 10 Ball.

I feel aigr is quiter than 10 ball

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All my bearings are quiet :slight_smile:

Well, since its not sold here, it would cause users to search it up, redirecting them to an “opponent” USA online store

Im assuming that YYE dosen’t really appreciate these kind of “advertisements”

Read Zorros sig for more info on billybobs

Lubed AIGR and 10-ball are quiet. But they don’t hold a candle to NSK bearings. Dry NSK (which is how the manufacturer recommends running them) run about as quiet as a lubed AIGR or OD 10-ball. If you ignore the manufacturer and put the tiniest amount of thin lube, the NSK is inaudible unless you hold the yoyo up right next to your ear.

Agreed, NSK’s are easily the quietest bearings I’ve ever tried. Gold center tracs would be second, the one I have in my Phaser has been in there a fair while now and it’s still remarkably quiet, even without any sort of maintanance. :slight_smile:

Regarding flat bearings, I agree with pineapple jumpsuit (now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d say…), I’ve found AIGR’s to be quieter overall than 10-balls.

There’s always that moment with OD 10-balls when they’re all smooth and quiet and then out of absolutely nowhereCCKKKZZZZZZSSHKKKZKSSCZKCZKK!!!

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