A lesson for the kiddies.... OUCH!


Dont ever put a yoyo back in your case when it has a snag in it… You will forget about it later and this will happen.

I know there’s already a thread about this but this is a bit rediculous. It happened about ten minutes ago.
How embarrassing… I think i might need stitches. lol
Anybody had one this bad before?


I aways start with a medium forward throw and bind it back, JUST in case. I mean, you pointed out exactly why I do that.

See a doctor. That doesn’t look good.


Lol, yeah it doesn’t feel good either. yeah i USUALLY bind first too. not this time though…


A warriors merit is deterimed by the amount of battle wounds and scars he has. You just got promoted to captain.


lol, yeah well, this is the third time now so i should be a Colonel or something hahaha.


If that’s the case, with my back and knee problems from years of moving gear, I should be a general. There’s days I can barely walk. Speaking of which, I’ve been having those kinda problems for over a week now.

I’m trying to avoid extra scars and wounds whenever possible, at least where they would show.

If you want to play, you gotta play. Wear it with pride.


Yo-yoing is like any other sport, you’re going to get some serious damage done to you at some point in time! ;D