A legit question for girls who yoyo...

Does the trick “Soiled Panties” by Yuuki Spencer offend you??? Cause I did it and my mom saw and asked what it was called. When I told her she got really mad and yelled at me. I want to know what you guys think.

My girlfriend(who just learned split bottom mount, yay!) says “that’s disgusting” but I don’t think she is offended by it. It’s just kinda in your face, and you wouldn’t expect a yo-yo trick to be called that.

is it less offensive if it was called Soiled Boxers?

Well I don’t think the actual name is offensive, but I do think Boxers is less offensive.

Its sometimes disgusting for girls because… well… If you passed 8th grade Sex ed class you’d know what Im talking about.

my mom wouldn’t care what the trick is called, she just doesn’t want me to yoyo period, hahaha…i asked my girlfriend if it offended her, she said,“nope, just so long as i don’t soil my panties watching you do that trick”,…teee heee :smiley:


I know it’s a double standard but, yes it’s less offensive if it’s called Soiled Boxers. Males are typically associated with crude and tactless humor while females are generally held in a light of innocence and purity. It’s the way many of us were raised. Regardless of how innocuous the title is intended, or how logically one defends it, it does come across as offensive to anyone with even the slightest sensitivty and respect for females including the females themselves. That and it’s just gross.

you also wouldn’t expect tricks named after pictures on ecstacy pills ether, but there they are.

what trick is that?

I’m not a girl but if i was, i would think that that is just wrong. But if you want my opinion, that just sounds wrong, but not really as offensive

Hey but what would i know, im only a teen guy

yellow airplanes, white buddha, green triangle, orange tullips, and red clover.

I don’t think most of you realize how Yuuki acts :stuck_out_tongue: (or acted)

Well, I don’t either, but I have heard some things, lol.

I think if you had to ask the question you already had the answer.

And let’s stay away from spreading ‘rumors’ about anyone - especially pros. :wink:

What if they were good ones? We should like, just make up a bunch of totally false good rumors of pros.

John Higby’s breath smells good.

Paul Hans speed will cool you down on a hot day.

Anthony Rojas’s yoyo direction changes blow you kisses.

André Boulay’s generosity fixes wars.



HAHAHAHAHA!!! your realy funny Samad.


lmao good one samad especially the last one

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Couldn’t care less

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but saying that these are rumors, doesnt that make them false???

I’m not a girl but it doesn’t really sound offensive.I think people will get angry because they think you are using the oppurtunity to insult them

HA HA you funny