i want to soil my pants

So Soiled Panties… From Raytsh youtube tutorial:

“About the name, it does seem a bit weird at first. I don’t how Yuuki calls this trick, but the community named it “soiled panties”. The name was picked, because you might literally soil your pants, if you see Yuuki doing this trick on stage. As far as I know, the name was picked by Henry on the *** board back in 2007 or so.”

Does anyone have a video of him doing this trick? ;D

Youtube is your best friend.this trick is beyond my current capabilitys. You might be able to find a crude tutorial of it. If you know what the trick looks like, your last hope is watching one of yukkis freestyles. Hope I helped

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Raytsh actually has 2 very high quality tutorials. This is just the one I learned from.