Soiled Panties- A Disgusting Little Tut

A tut for Soiled Panties. No one seems to have a good one, so this is what I came up with. Enjoy!  :slight_smile:

Addition: Samad or Xdohl, if you see this, this is already on YYE Tuts.

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Your so funny… Do a lindy loop, then undo, no one likes them…

Very nice… whats this trick called? Really?

Nice, gotta little Wasabi in your soiled panties…

But really, This is gonna be the first new trick I learn once I get my GM2!!!

Thanks man!

Yeah loved the tutorial! Funny and helpful at the same time! “yeah my head’s spinning too…drops” lol! ;D

lol if we ever vote for funniest vids. YOu got my vote, Hands down. loved the tut. I learned soiled panties off of this video. YOur video was alot more entertaining thou…lmao

Between the two vids  people should be able to figure it out. thanks for the vid and the laff.

Loved it Joe.

Thanks everybody. And, yeah, thats the vid I learned it from. I just thought some people might learn is better with a little bit of explanation.

Nice…been wanting to learn this trick. Landed it forthe first time made me soil my undies 8)

Personally i thought that the video could have used a little more explanation. i did love the fact that it had same explanation but i had to watch one segment 5 or 6 times just to get the exact finger movement down. Don’t hate, it was just a personal opinion.

I watch just about any tutorial several times, I don’t see how it’s a problem. It takes like… 20 seconds.

Understandable. It’s a tough trick no matter how you look at it. But the beauty of having tons of people make tuts is that, if one person didn’t help you there are several more that may give a fresh perspective. So maybe mine didn’t help but raytsh’s might. Who knows? :slight_smile:

Who owns/has the password of the YYET Channel at YT?

The Trick makers?, Andre, Samad?, who?
Can you make a trick tut then send the video to YYET and they’ll upload it somethin’ like that?

Its an invite only thing. Samad or Xdohl invite you if they think you’d be good.
Samad invited me.