Soiled Panties tutorial reqest.

I was wondering if somebody (possibly Samad or Xdohl) could make a tutorial for soiled panties. Thanks!

Here is a good tutorial:

I have have seen that one, but thanks. I was hoping more for one that explains the steps individually.

keep watching it, you should get it, the camera angles are good

I agree that the video Rage did is detailed enough. I learned the trick from this video. It just takes a while to figure out those moves. And besides, things shouldn’t be made too easy for people, should they?

I’d like to see The Organizer do a tut for this one

I’m working on it, actually.

Gotta learn the trick first.

I think actions speak louder than words. It is very easy to learn from Frank once you observe the trick carefully. It also helps you to be able to identify more elements in tricks.


just try learning it form there if you haven’t already, i’m in the process of learning this trick, i’m not stuck becuase the vid is hard to understand i’m stuck becuase the trick has some tricky moves in it