Hey guys I just wanted to throw out a huge thanks to the whole crew/admins at YYE, the community, jhb8426 for talking with me and especially blackhops33. As some of yall know, my yoyo was scammed, i really appricate all the support you guys given me, and for andre on giving me all the info that i needed to report this guy. I also though that id make it known that blackhops33, read about this and was also going to do a deal with the person who scammed me, but diverted the trade before another person got scammed. So blackhops33 and i started talking a bit, anyways to make it short blackhops33 sent me a slightly used YYF 888x to replace my dv888. To make thing 10 times better, he sent it to me for free because he feels “that no yoyoer deserves to be with out a yoyo” as he says. Bro you have made my day!! Yet my year, what you have done is priceless. This yoyo is simply the best yoyo that i have ever thrown in my life, this has such a special meaning to me and i will never sell or trade this yoyo. I will own this until the day that i dye. Like i said what yall have done for me is priceless!! Also at first I did refuse this yoyo, because i never take anything for free, so we made a deal and i sent him about 15 custom strings just to his liking! and then he goes "well pretty much i was going to send it away for free always because I was going to get scammed and never knew it untill you told me, so you helped me!, Now i’ll helped you, figured if i was going to send it to some one for free, i might as well send it to someone who actually needs a yoyo!"This community is so amazing, and its great how we all come together and form as a family when negative things happen. So once again i wanted to give out a HUGE thanks! God Bless

Wow, that’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen someone do so far :slight_smile:

Glad things worked out for you, and a big hats off to blackhops33 for helping you out.

I know right! Thanks Guys!!

Blackhops333 sent you a used 888x for free. Wow. I know this is not a scam thread but HOLY I will wash your mouth out with soap, he gave 100$ bucks to you for nothing.

[b]Admin Edit: Please refrain from that kind of talk.


That’s one cool dude, and glad things turned out for the best. ;D


but seems this blackhops character deserves a virtual highfive
high fives monitor

Very cool! This has reaffirmed my fair in the human race

good things happen to good people.
i didn’t really know the history behind this, but I’m glad it turn out well.

wow thats really nice of hime shout out to blackhops33

hey thanks to everyone for all your comments! I really appreciate it, you all are very kind. mlewis38 is a really great guy who had a terrible thing happen to him, so it was really the least I could do. thanks again to everyone, I’m just glad to be apart of such a sweet yoyo community!

And special thanks to mlewis38 for sending me some sweet string! I’m actually very impressed with the colors and performance, so look for a review on it soon!