Finally! ( special thanks to Schnayke and Reefyo)


Hello everyone ,

its been a while since i last posted on the forum , i have been waiting for the yoyos sent by Schnayke(Eric) and Reefyo(Chris)

I finally received Eric’s yoyo which is the Yomega Maverick three weeks ago and it was Awesome , oh and it was brand new and he also sent a pack of 90 Kitty strings … boy, i said “finally i get to throw a yoyo!”

A few pics of it:

I started throwing as soon as i had it and now i can do some basic tricks, the bind and brain twister :smiley:

EDIT: i received chris’s package !! Explained in the last comment

I wanted to thank Eric, Chris and the whole community of yoyoexpert and the fellow americans , you all have been kind to me although i was a really annoying person and i hope you will forgive me and we can become friends :slight_smile:

Keep throwing… Peace out :slight_smile:


Hey that’s great news! Maybe if you get a chance, you can post videos as you progress. It’s really fun to go back and watch old videos to see how far you have progressed.

When I started yoyo’ing, I didn’t have the Internet, cell phones or cameras. So don’t miss your chance and good luck.


That’s great! I think you set for the year! Please update us every now and then, we would love to track your progress!


Thanks a lot for you support , Tuxedodave and Yoyojordan :smiley: i will post a video very soon :slight_smile:


What did reefyo send you? And if anything he’d be sad that his stuff got lost and practically lost money :stuck_out_tongue:


Some plastics and a old school 888


And TONS OF STRING and lube


I like mavericks better than those 888s so its all good, im sure if u got the 888 you would use the maverick more


Hey everyone ! today i recieved chris’s package !!! It had an 888 and a new trigger :smiley: i’m very happy with them and i gave the trigger for my friend so we can learn together … i’m working on a video right now … thanks a lot chris :slight_smile:


Good for you! Don’t play the 888 until you get good, though. You don’t want to ding it.


you’re right, thanks a lot dude :slight_smile:


Which do you like more? The maverick or 888?


i like the maverick for its quietness and it became dead unresponsive so its awesome now… and i like the 888 for the hub stacks and the longer spinning times