Your Yoyo Story

How did you get started with yoyoing? How did you end up where you are today with yoyoing? Have you ever been to any competitions? Post it all here!!!

I threw down a yomega x brain in 1999. It still is sleeping to this day.

And I was such a novice the old me would’ve said that wasn’t enough sleep time for me!

Dave Schulte did a show at my school. I was hooked. I started taking lessons. Here I am.

Ironically, I started for real on June 6, it’s the day I got my first yoyo.

  1. One day I was on a sugar high as in laughing on the floor rolling around on the floor. Now knowing I was on the floor I find an old Yoyo so I picked it up made it go up and down now fascinated by this i was later that night looking up Yoyo tricks. own fascination and interest in the hobby got me here.
    3.I went to VA states last and planning on going this year.

I found a Yomega yo zone vhs for free. Hooked me 7 years ago, but only got back in last year.

In the second grade a bunch of kids thought that yoyoing was the coolest. Me being one of the loners wanted to copy the popular kids. Purchased a yoyo ball from tv and brought it in to school one day. A ton of kids made fun of me cause I couldn’t do crap with it. At that point I felt like I was good for nothing. Couple weeks later school let out and it was no more bullies for me. I kept thinking of what those kids said and I looked up some yoyo videos. I was fascinated with it. Trashed my yoyo ball and got a fireball from Toys r’ us. I learned basic tricks on it, and I was ready for the step up. Got a yomega Maverick and fell in love with it. I still have it this day from the second grade. When the school year came I was even up with the top yoyoers in my school. Showed the bullies that I was good for something, and that with a little bit of hope and perseverance you can accomplish anything. I am now the best yoyoer I believe in my district. All the bullies that said I was no good were done with it, and from what I know no one in my area can even compare to what I’ve accomplished.

I mean I played with yomega’s when i was a child and learned the basic little tricks like loops and hop the fence and what not.

Grew out of it.
Came across a video thought it was legit.
It was a very stressful point in my life at that moment so used it as a meditative type of action, still do to this day. Nothing better than bangin out some flowy tricks.

If things go as they planned and if i can afford the trip, im trying to go to VA states this year and compete.

Im pretty busy so i gotta find time to practice, even so i have a great repertoire of tricks that ive learn from 2009 until now. So if i cant put something together ill probably just have fun with it and get a sense of what a competition is like. To return the following year hopefully if the universe allows it, and put my name out there.

Hope to see you at VA States! I saw Alex Curfman yoyoing and he got me into it.

I was at a camp for school, and our camp leader had a YYF MVP he was playing with. We were amazed by his tricks, and he let us throw some of his unexpensive throws. I went home and found yoyoexpert started learning tricks on an Xdous 2. Then eventually upgraded to a speed dial. I’ve been throwing ever since

I saw another thread like this not Long ago.


I heard yoyo expert is a continuing loop of the same threads creating a vortex that sucks you in and makes you spend all your moneys.

Talk about hype…

  • Got “how to yoyo” VHS years ago and learned a few tricks.

  • Picked it up again when I was about 15 or 16 after seeing Mickey/Jensen on youtube but ended up breaking my yoyo making it too responsive and giving up after too many busted knuckles.

  • A few years later remembered “YoYoFactory” from back in the day and decided to google it and see how the scene was going.

  • Watched a few videos, and I was hooked right away.

  • Caught the terminal “Icanneverhaveenoughyoyos-itis” and spent an exorbitant amount of money on yoyos.

…and here I am today. Never been to a contest because I couldn’t make UK nationals last year, but I was able to meet up with a bunch of people including Palli, Ann and Yuji a few days beforehand, so that kind of made up for it. Can’t wait to go this year. :slight_smile:

Got a proyo at tractor supply and then a throw monkey on ebay then a wooly marmot as my first metal from the forums.

My first yoyo I thought was cool was a yomega brain. After all my strings broke, I gave up for a few years. Come the summer of 2010, I accedentaly stumbled across yoyo videos and I asked my parents for a YYF Velocity, still love that throw,<3. A year and 1/2 later im good enough for a summit and thats where I am now. Thx for reading> :wink:

I played with a yoyo a few times when I was young, but didn’t learn any tricks. In 1990, I found a copy of Smother Brothers YoYo Man VHS with a wooden yoyo at Big Lots. That is how I got hooked. Threw the wooden one around for about 9 months, then picked up a couple Duncans. A Butterfly, Midnight Special and a General Lee Wheel at the local 5-10. One of them had an insert about buying Arne Dixon’s Yo-Yo Extravaganza VHS for something like $20, I knew I had to get. Everyone at school started yoyoing, even a couple of the teachers, so I got the show off my tricks.

After a couple years break, I bought a Yomega Fireball my freshman year of college. This throw blew my mind, it made the tricks so much easier. Threw it around town for a few years, then had another break for a few more years. After moving a couple times, I stumbled upon my yoyos in forgotten box. So on again off again a few more times.

About 9 months ago I started throwing unresponsive and have go anywhere with a yoyo since. Get some weird looks practicing during lunch at work though my wife approves of it. She thinks it’s ‘So Cool’ and gets mad if I don’t bring a yoyo whenever we go somewhere. She makes me show off my tricks.

Sorry for the long post, but I guess I have quite a few years on alot of you. I’ll blame that. “Back in my day youngun…”

An hour of YouTube landed me on a performance of Marcus Koh. Blew my mind. Found YYE. Got a Lyn Fury. Boom.

A head trauma from childhood has left me with temporal epilepsy. When in my 3rd year of University I suffered a sever series of full blown grand mal seizures that left me in a coma for a period. When I came out I had no use of my right hand and arm. My physio therapist suggested using a yoyo to get my fine motor skills and coordination back. I didn’t learn many tricks other than some basic loops and rock the baby and once I was done therapy I put it up.
Fast forward 5 years or so and I’m in a job that is boring and mostly consists of waiting around when I saw the Yomega gift set (brain, fireball, raider) at toys r us. I got it to kill time and went looking for tricks on the net. I found Andre’s vids and immediately ordered a Lyn Fury, learned to bind and have been going at it since.

I started yoyoing about 3 years ago when my friend zach showed me the trick eifle tower so I ran to my local game store and picked up a YYF velocity and I found YYE a couple weeks later fast forward to  april 2012 when I attended my first competition(MN states) Where I placed 31st In the JR. division a year later I attendend MN states 2013 where I placed 22nd Then the following june I attended MWR 2013 where I placed 11th in the JR division and just a few monthes ago I attended Iowa states where I got 6th in the JR. division an I finaly registerd on the forums last april and am now 14 (too old to compete in the JR. division sigh) and am stil making my own tricks and having fun throwing I also enjoy making yoyo vids heres my youtube channal

and that is my story