Thanks so much Schnayke!

As many of you know, I was recently scammed by yoyomasterall. View LONG topic here,57256.0.html

Schnayke, messaged me after this went on for about 12 pages. He said if it wasn’t sorted, he would ship the Darkstar and essence to me.(He traded yoyomasterall for them) I said he didn’t need to, but he did anyway. Please remember, he had nothing to do with this, and I had never talked to him prior. I got the yoyos today, and they are in the same condition as when I sent them to yoyomasterall in january.

Thanks! This is one great guy!


This is why I love this community:) sooooo many kind people and running into them they are always super supportive.

Awesome! This is what I like to see!

As long as I’ve been on the forums, Schnayke has always been this kind of person. It really doesn’t suprise me at all.

Good example for all of us!

I honestly dont think i would do the same… it takes a certain kind of person to do what he did, and i envy that.

your really lucky you got them back in the same shape you sent them out in. I’m kinda’ the place yoyos go to get abused. :slight_smile: Glad I could help.


Yeah it really helped me getting them back. And I was crazy surprised to see them in the same condition.

Wow schankyneneykarhery (that’s exactly how I pronounce it, if you wanna judge go to law school) you’re a cool guy!

That Schnayke is a standup fella.