Slowyojoe, this is the awesomest guy ever!


First, i traded an EYCC catalyst for an Entheos, Markmont Mext, And a Cafe racer. An amazing deal too, and he even made the generous offer without me asking for it! So, everything goes well, and we both ship very soon after. His yoyos are recieved safely and in described condition.

A few days later, my friend notices a “B” on the entheos. I realized it was a b grade. I couldnt care less, but i decided to let him know anyways, for future refernce because another person mightve cared and complained.

So he says he will compensate me with a yoyo and string and accesories. I said no, its fine, and he said id get a package anyways!

But later, i had the nerve to ask if he had ships. Obviously i was being pretty much a prick, because i even said he shouldnt send anything to me.

So in the endthis guy puts up with my greedy BS, and i get a great deal!


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I love happy endings!

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Dang. That’s a freaking deal.

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That is an amazing deal on your end…he ripped himself off but good deal!


I’ve sold to and traded with Slowyojoe. He’s a great guy and a responsible trader. And I’ve traded away as many as SIX yoyos for one, but it was the one I wanted. That’s the fun in trading! :smiley:


Slowyojoe is an amazing bster. I have traded many times with him and he is responsibe, has great communication, and is a very nice guy.


Thanks very much guys, particularly you Supbreh. What Supbreh didn’t tell you was that the Catalyst was signed and that was what I was so keen on. Honestly though, particularly of late, I find myself able to pick up the throws I really want (not all of them 'cause there are always too many), and so I’ve tried to make sure that my BST trades have been purely in the other person’s favor. To me, I like being able to make people happy with a good trade, particularly with yoyos that I don’t really throw. If I don’t throw a yoyo there is absolutely no point in having it. Displaying them, for me, is of no real consequence. I also know that the excitement of getting new throws is great, and so if I can make people happy through the BST then it’s all to the good, particularly because no one likes to feel like they got stung.

In this particular instance with Supbreh I didn’t realize at the time that I was trading a B-grade throw until Supbreh pointed it out. And I’ve never felt so much like a scammer, like I’d tried to take advantage of him, which really wasn’t my intention at all. I needed to try and make it up to him, and also to appease my conscience. Best wishes to you all, my thanks once again, and I look forward to trading with you all in the future.


Also had a great trade with Slowyojoe. I actually have that catalyst now, along with a skywalker and a proton. He had great communication, great packaging, and it was overall one of the best trades ive ever done. Thanks Joe!


I’ve delt with Joe before and he is an outstanding individual.

Honest and extremely patient!


Joe definitely gets a thumbs-up from me. he is a super guy to trade with.