A High End Yoyo


So I have been looking at A LOT of ‘high end’ yoyos. I would like to know if it doesn’t matter which one i get, because I heard that most of them play beautifully. But clue me in on some that aren’t worth the $+100


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Yah, 888x, To me, avalanche… Hated it.


Hmmmm… I think the canvas could cost less, but i still love it :slight_smile:


Yoyos I felt were not worth their price tag:

YYF 888x
C2 Capsule 2
Chico Heavy Hitter
MadHouse Epic
Oxy 3VO
String Theory Bandit
String Theory Singularity
Turning Point Positron (back when they were $200)




How dare you!


I personally think the equilateral could have been in the $80-$90 price range.


code 1/2, Chief.


He means the C3 Capsule 2


I know that not all of these are near $100, but here are some that IMO aren’t worth the money you pay for them. Again, this is just my opinion.

YYF Skyline
YYF Boss
C3 Halo
CLYW Arctic Circle




You didn’t read the OP did you, or maybe you just don’t like X3?


Duncan mg, a Walter, and c3 BTH


It’s all a matter of preferences.

If I don’t care for a yoyo, it might as well sell for a nickel. If I do like it, then I start to really analyze price vs. performance. There’s a lot of amazing sub-$100 yoyos worth checking out.


I hate on pointing out companies and stuff, but i felt the Rockefeller from Square Wheels was pretty… Meh…
Puffin was dissapointing.


damn u are right :stuck_out_tongue: i didnt read it all:P

x3 FTW

(kclejeune) #18

If you want metal, get a capless and call it a day. No other metal (MAYBE the theory) can compete with it in the price range IMHO.


My preference is for the RecRev @ or Sine//saw, which are the same price. These are just two more amazing “bank account friendly” models that I would also highly recommend.

Nothing against the Capless. I really, really like that one as well. The “budget” C3’s easily perform at the $100+ range. RecRev gives the same kind of impression: performs at twice the price you paid, assuming retail. For the models I got at contests, paying $40 direct from RecRev, they usually easily play three times the price I paid.


wait I thought you couldn’t use profane language on this forum.