yoyo questions


Is the 888x worth the price ($100)?
Is the summit worth $115?
Im asking because I got about $140 to spend and I want to spend most of it on yoyos and extras for yoyos but I don’t want to buy something similar than what I already have.
I own a genesis and a chief.
Also people over exaggerate on yoyo reviews so I don’t what a bad decision or something similar to what I already have.
Please answer and if you have other suggestions please write what you think


You need a few good plastics like the YYJ Trigger and some sort of delrin perhaps. That will expand your collection in more ways than one.


Is the 888x worth $100? Not to me. I didn’t like it, so to me, the monetary value is irrelevant. However, people do like it and think about this: an unresponsive metal yoyo OR a responsive metal yoyo, plus spare parts and I think a few other things. It’s a decent bundle price. Is it worth the $100 Most likely yes.

The Summit worth $115? It’s a steal at $115. I’ve played one and it’s on part with other One Drop and CLYW stuff. I’d rather get the lower cost solid colors than the fancier colorways to save the money, but also because I prefer solid colros. Even at the more expensive price, it’s still worth it. I won’t be buying one because I don’t get the collabs. I like things to be clearly one brand.

You already have a Genesis and a Chief. I didn’t like the Genesis, so that would mean that according to my whacked-out logic, the 888x would be a better fit. The Summit and 888x are NOTHING like the Chief and play completely different, so if you’re looking for similarities, you’re not going to find them.

I can’t advise you very well. You’re on your own. My biases tell me that if I were to make a recommendation, I’d say Summit all day long.


YYR are doing a big clean out sale right now with 50% off a lot of their throws, putting them at about $75 each. I’d suggest getting something from there.



well thats just it I’m not looking for something similar because I want to have a variety of yoyos.
one with side effects another with hubstacks and one that is good for horizontal play…etc
but I still do want something that plays great and smooth. can anyone give suggestions or tell me if the 888 or summit is a good choice or not?
keep in mind I don’t want something that plays similar to a genesis or a chief.(I love my chief)


This deal is really awesome. If not, I really like the IronyJP. I prefer it over the Chief and Genesis. Or why not try an undersized throw? All my throws are full sized, so for variety, I’m trying to get my hands on some 66g+ undersized throws like a Markmont Next or Messiah.


The 888x is… Ehhh the summit on the other hand is amazing. And for $115, like studio 45 said, is a steal!its a great yoyo. What I found was fun when I wanted something different was buying a wide yoyo. I TRIED (traded for a couple days with friend) the magic yoyo n5 and it was fun. The monster or superwode would be a better choice though. Don’t know how it plays though…


The 888x is not worth $100 it should be priced around $75 in my opinion.
The summit is absolutely amazing! It will not disappoint you. It is what you might call a steal. It plays as if it should be worth $155.


What are you kidding! The 888x plays worse than a $50 metal! Buy a summit! Worse case scenario, you trade it for something you want! The 888 is worth $50 on the fourums.


Don’t want to create a conflict, but I love my 888x. I love undersized and the thing is smooth. It met all my standards spot on. But as you can tell, its not for everyone. Well worth the price imo.

For CLYW throws, it seems when someone gets the one that meets their own personal desires, they are never disappointed. From the few I have played, all great yo-yos.

Good hunting.


I didn’t like the 888x but I did like the 07 888 very smooth zippy on the string. If you like that shape I would suggest the DNA it is my favorite high walled yoyo ever and it used to be in my top 3 with my Cliff and Majesty but I stupidly traded it :confused:


888x is way too floaty, and I actually prefer my dv888. A nice choice for your next throw would be a protostar, or di base. Shop around, and buy what you think is most appealing. CLYW throws are also worth the price.

(SR) #13

Get a Summit!




Get a One Drop Code 2 everyone seems to love it and its price, also you would be expanding your collection with more side effects. It for your options, a lot of people love the summit and think its great!


Half the people who hate the 888x have never tried it. I enjoyed it.