The summit is expensive and I’m thinking I want it. is it worth the money?

Give your DV888 some love first! :wink:

I was just wandering

I have a summit. I also have a nickel summit on the way. And possibly a bbb summit, if everything works out. The summit is one of my personal favorite throws. I love the way it feels, super fun to play, and very very stable!

Yes. Worth the money.

Am I getting one? No. I don’t go for the collabs. But, I have played this and let me tell you it’s really great and absolutely worth it in my opinion. I’m just one of those strange people who “it has to be this brand or that brand, not two brands together” people.

I’d recommend the Summit to anyone.

Not trying to be rude but if it’s a great yoyo why does it really matter if it’s a collab…

Some things don’t require a logical reason. He just doesn’t like them. That’s good enough.

Me, I just got a Galactic Goose (SPYY and CLYW) and I couldn’t be happier!

The Summit is the smoothest yoyo I have ever played. Extremely stable and fun to play. The only thing I dislike about the Summit is its size. It is a very wide yoyo.

I think its worth the money.
Definitely worth the money.

This guy knows what hes talking about. Great yoyo

I agree except i love its width. great catch zone.