A good performing 5a yoyo?

Preferably sold here… Thanks!

Anything, really.

Some things that come to mind…

Lyn Fury
Die Nasty
Counter Attack
Skyy Chaser
and lots more…

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You could aways wait for Tyler’s new signature yo-yo the YYF SEVERE to be released later this month. I few other recommendations though:

YYJ Legacy - It’s what I use. I’m not a big fan of dinging up a metal with the CW, so I prefer plastics.
YYJ Kickside - For 5A, it’s great.
Duncan Freehand Zero - I mean…it’s in the name.

You can use any yo-yo you have for 1A for this, but those mentioned seem to do well!

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Thanks to both! I think I might try the die-nasty because of it’s nature but a legacy would be cool 2.

I would even suggest to start with your Dark Magic, it’s not a bad yo-yo for it and you can make sure you like it!

or get a lyn, lots of people use them to start 5a

its preferince deppens on what u like

it’s my only metal… I want to try to keep it somewhat whole. I’ll wait till I get my dv888 to use my DM for 5a. By the way JM did you ever get the mayhem? I was wondring if you ever got it.

I used my DM for the longest time… (Amazing failed arial at bandcamp… It was two months ago and people still bring up how high I threw it… And how loud it was when it hit the ground, and how far it rolled away… ect) But now I use the Die-Nasty… I’ve grown to really love my Die-Nasty… I hated it the first night but it grew on me, and its just plays super well for 5A, very stable, great price, nice response…

HG means Heavy Gravity.

Anything with the copper filled compound they used for the rims is discontinued.

The maker of that compound got crazy with their prices so they had to stop.

I would definetley use the legacy, because it is such a smooth yoyo and also unlike your DM, and what JM said, you don’t want to ding up the metal rims, but that is just my preference, I only got it 2 days ago and it is amazing.