A Goat-ified BAC

First off this is my fault, I told Chris that my only song choice for Prelims was ruined (I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, but Bangarang was my only hope, now in have to freestyle to Goatarang -.-) So Chris decided to give me pay back, and goat-ified all the other songs. Now, before you guys think I came here to put Chris on blast, I didn’t, Chris can do whatever he wants with the songs, I will still be attending BAC and competing, and the reason for this thread is so you guys don’t get mad at Chris for the song versions, because its my fault. That’s all, goodbye.


Chris has said in the other thread that you’ll still have access to all the non-goat versions of the songs.


What the HECK is a goat-ified song?

he did goat edits on the songs.

Really!?!?! If so then I’m tripping out per nothing. Link?


From the other thread about the BAC prelim music options:


This is why aliens won’t talk to us.


I have to admit, I’m not even 1/3 through and I’m laughing. I will probably only enjoy this once, but it’ll be funny this one time. :wink:

What is up with this hahahahaaaa goats? Lmao yo i am rolling over here hahahahaaaa

??? I never knew about that. Mods, could you delete this?

Never mess with the BOFH!!

Seriously, I’ve been crystal clear from day 1:

BAC is providing 15 songs for prelims. ALL 15 will be provided AS-IS in their original(but truncated for time, which was how they were provided) forms as provided by BAC. Unless specified(and allowed, BAC hasn’t approved goat versions, but goat versions will be played for set up for sure), if you ask for “song 2” for example, you’ll get Bangarang, complete in all it’s dub-step oddness without any barnyard enhancements.

I’ve maintained since Day 1 of this idea that all the original versions will always be completely and instantly available.

However, for you, it’s time to Goatarang!

Thats pretty funny.

So… They’re actually allowing goat versions to be played? Id probably leave if i heard more than one lol

I have no clue. We will be using them for sound check purposes for prelims though. Just something different and fun.

I’ve got 12 of the 15 tracks “enhanced”. I’m debating the last 3. I may skill the Mars Volta stuff(can’t stand them) and the “Thunderbirds are go” track(the term lame seems synonymous on this one to me). Depends on my time.

Today, despite aching arms, I have to redo the truck load. Taking over 800 pounds of gear out of the truck I don’t need will help with fuel economy!

Wait you don’t like mars Volta but you like barnyard songs? And i guess if it was just prelim stuff that would be fine.

And don’t sweat the 800 lbs, it could be more equipment right? (according to your other post)

The Mars Volta I find rather revolting. I’ve done bowel movements more musical.

Hey, I’m only removing 800 pounds of gear. I’m leaving in the 400 pound console and a ton(literally) of mains in the truck. If I had it my way, I’d bring out the big console and support gear because I like that desk better and it sound so much more open. But we have to move gear up/down I think 8 steps. Gotta keep it lighter!

Played the goat versions to warm up the system at Kendamay. Reaction was mixed, mostly either “why at the songs short” or “OMG, I must do my prelims to that”. Most people weren’t in on the enhancements!

However, more than a few YYE readers knew about this!

I am glad I asked Chris to play the goat versions at kendamay. I was dying with every song that played. I am definitely going to use a goat version for my prelim.

Dude, youre mad about the Goat songs? I wish I had an an already-made goat song to FS to! Wish i was going to BAC for that factor alone! (Well, and maybe to meet some new people :stuck_out_tongue: )

Chris or Studio or whatever you wanna be called, you are a cool guy. The goat songs make me feel like theyll make the contest have more of a “fun” feel to it, and that theyll make the people who take the contests waaaaayyyy too seriously mad XD

But really, dont get so mad about it Alann (It is Alann right?), its just prelims.

Sounds terrible tbh, no idea why anyone would want that. Goats aren’t even funny on YouTube when you can actually see the goats, let alone when it’s just the audio and out of nowhere comes a random scream, yeah that’s sure to win the hearts and minds of the judges and audience members.

thats a lamb. This is a goat.