A bit upset about BAC 1A Prelim rules :(

Really? We have 15 songs to choose from? We can’t use our own, guys -.- Registration fee is more expensive now at $35.

So potentially someone will be using the same song as another correct ?

It’s a certainty that people will be using the same prelim music.

Last year there were over 80 1A prelims at BAC. There were over 120 prelims at CalStates in 2012.

CalStates had fewer 1A prelims in 2013. I suspect that BAC will hold the same numbers though. I actually expect the number to exceed 90.

I would expect each song to be used 6 times. With only 15 to choose from, there’s going to not only be repeats, but back to back repeats from time to time as well.

Why the limited song choice? Is it an organisers thing or is it more of a sound and tech thing?


I am the sound company for BAC. I had zero involvement in this announcement and decision. I was in Vietnam when this information was release and nobody asked for my opinion.

I think this is the organizers ensuring things move smoothly and quickly during prelims. A slowdown issue at CalStates(not really) was the loading of the song for each contestant. At the Main Stage, my laptop’s drive was acting a bit strange, and so I had some failures. The CD deck also couldn’t handle data discs that people made incorrectly(they were instructed to make audio CD’s).

While I don’t feel this is the best method, I feel that if given proper time to focus before the event(that’s an issue at my place), I can prepare all the prelims, 1A finals(all entrants, can be trimmed easily on-site), 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A so things can be accessed quickly and easily come event time. I will be in talks with the event organizers ahead of time to see how much pre-production work I will be able to get taken care of before the event. There is no room for failure!

Fair enough I suppose. Though I do think that having the same 15 tracks playing over and over again might not be the best as far as promoting yoyos to the wider community, especially at an event like BAC where there’s likely to be some non-throwers in the audience.


The plan seems to be to have the prelims take place offstage during the 2A and 3A finals, so I don’t think repeating songs for the audience is a concern. If Studio42 is the only sound guy and he is doing sound for the onstage finals at that time, it sounds like that might also mean they are on their own with the sound for prelims?

They talked about why they had to streamline the prelims on their Facebook page:

The schedule on their website doesn’t leave room for 1A prelims plus all the finals to happen onstage within 6 hours.

At least the song choices could have been better! It’s enough that we only get 15 songs to choose from, but now there’s no good songs to freestyle to. Only one I can think of having a routine for is Bangarang(which is probably gonna be most played) but Chris is doing a goat version edit.

What are some of the song choices?

I’ll see if I have time to do the Bangarang Goat Edit. My wife just dumped a big project on me. I’m not making any promises.

All your answers are right here:


DOWNLOAD the songs you want to try to use. They are pre-edited and will not be touched by my sound team. What you get is what will be used with no alterations.
(except the goat mix if I can get the time to make it)

All your answers are right here:


DOWNLOAD the songs you want to try to use. They are pre-edited and will not be touched by my sound team. What you get is what will be used with no alterations.
(except the goat mix if I can get the time to make it)
Thanks! Funny, I’ve actually come up with a little routine to “Locked Out Of Heaven” but I probably won’t be at BAC… When is it?

Please don’t do the goat edit! That song is my only hope!!!

Shame the prelims are done offstage. Non-stop goat mix freestyles would have been awesome.


Goatarang is done.

Sail-Goat is also done.

However, the ORIGINALS will NOT be touched. There will be a separate bank of goat-ified remixes available IF the contest allows it.

I will see if I can goat-ify other songs later. Just those two songs stood out!

The prelims have to be done off-stage due to the time constraints for the contest. We have to “divide and conquer”. While I agree that it would be great to bring them back to the main stage, I feel this is the best method to keep things within the time window for the contest. I just hope that at least one vendor is going to run a camera for prelims. There’s a few players who regardless if they qualify to finals or not, I’d like to see what they do.

Motion City Soundtrack? Old school! I couldn’t do a freestyle to a song that awesome though, I’d end up spending more time singing than throwing.

Give me a reaaasssoooonnnn! To end this disscusssiiiiooooonnnnnn! bops head

I did a goat-ified version if that helps. Doing the last 3 songs tonight, gonna figure out where to put the songs.

So am a new contest goer and a little confuse…
Are we supposed to come up 2 separate times?
One for prelims and the next weekend if we make finals? That is the way it seemed on their website.

The entire contest is on May 25. The website doesn’t have any mention of anything the next weekend so I’m not quite sure what’s confusing you.

Here’s how 1A works:

You will need to provide a 2 minute track for your Finals freestyle, assuming that you make it. All entrants should just assume they could make it into the 1A finals.

For 1A prelims, which ALL 1A players will need to go through(minus seeded players), there are 15 tracks of pre-selected audio. Choose the track you want and MEMORIZE the number, because we are working off NUMBERS, not track names. We will have track names though. These provided tracks are pre-edited, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

For all other divisions (2A,3A,4A,5A), just supply a playback track. It will be cut off at 2 minutes of not pre-edited.

In the past, 1A participants had to provide both their prelim 1-minute track(or would be cut at 1 minute) for preliminaries AND their 2-minute track(or it would be cut at 2 minutes) for finals.

Please, go to the web site and read the rules.

I’m not sure why so many people are so confused about things. It’s been spelled out very clearly.