Anyone good with sound? Please help me!

I’m competing in BAC this year, and I need finals music which has to be uploaded from (you guessed it) a computer, which many of you know that I do have a computer, but its a technical piece of crap. Chris is trying to help me out, but we can’t find a clean version of the song I wanna use. If anyone could trim “'Till I Collapse” by Eminem to 1:51 and fade it out, send it on a USB that would really help me out a lot. Please help!

I could make it fade out and end at 1 51, or start fading at 1 51. What do you want? Also would you need any words edited?

start fading at 1:52, and just have the clean version. JD used it so it should be ok. BTW, thank you so much for helping.

Studio42 is good with sound, try pm him to see if he can help

Well i thought prelims music is only 15 different songs? Ambitious are we :wink:

Good luck Mr. Herrera! (No, i have no skill with music editing.)

I will try and do it later today when I am not doing anything. DO you have a link to the youtube post?

read it,…

What YouTube Post?

sorry to double post but any update on the song? I really appriciate that your using some of your time to help a fellow thrower out, thanks man.

You’ll actually want to use a CD or other lossless format, such as a FLAC or WAV for your edits. As the BAC wants MP3s, which are a lossy format, if you start with an MP3 and edit it down, you’re going to be losing more quality.

BUT, seeing how those can be hard to get, check to see what the quality (or bitrate) of your file is. You want to encode at a slightly lower bitrate when you render the track. IDEALLY, you’ll start at 320 and encode at 192 or so, or v1 for a variable bitrate.

Youtube rips are ~128, which is kinda bad to begin with, especially when played on a large system.

He did. I’m too busy. I’m also doing sound production for other events and preparing for other projects between now and BAC, so I’m rather slammed.

Just, if someone can either get HIM or ME a clean copy of the song, I can get it done fast. Size is irrelevant, I have my own mail server so size is not an issue. But for the most part, I really am slammed with work for May because I have to take 2 weeks off in June for something I need to have done at the end of May.

Hey I need the link to the youtube video of the clean version.

Ill upload one, but it doesnt have the download