A fun riddle

I love asking this one to people. It’s even better if you ask them to keep track with a pencil and piece of paper.

You’re driving a bus.
First stop: you pick up 7 people.
Second stop: you pick up 3 more and drop off 2.
Third stop: you pick up 5.
Fourth stop: you see that no one is there so you do not stop.
Fifth stop: you pick up 3 and drop off 1.
Now, What’s the bus driver’s name?

They usually look at you stunned and say “how am I supposed to know?”

Also how many stops did the bus make. Of course you say “at the next stop.”
This one goes back a long time.

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Well in this case, the bus drivers name would be caden because that my name👍

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I got one. “I billed up mountains. I tar them down. I help people see. I make people go blind. What am I?” It is rally hard :grin:

I give up…

here is another
What has keys but no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in?

It’s sand :grin:

:thinking::scream: I give up :frowning:

I got one but it’s not a riddle it is called The Purple Wombat

One day I kid wakes up and start walking down the hallway for breakfast. He passes the living room and hears “braking news The Purple Wombat has struck again.” The kid not knowing what The Purple Wombat is asked is mom making his school lunch? his mom replies “YOU DON’T NO WHAT THE PURPLE WOMBAT IS YOUR GOING TO MAKE YOUR OWN LUNCH!!!” And left the room now the kid doesn’t now how to make anything good so he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Know he is all done with making his lunch and start walking to the bus stop for school. When he gets there he decides to ask the bus driver about The Purple Wombat. The bus driver says “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PURPLE WOMBAT IS YOUR GOING TO WALK TO SCHOOL!!!” and closes the door. Now the kid finally get to school but is really late and sits in his spot and starts listening to the teacher but he can’t stop thinking about The Purple Wombat so he decides to ask the kid next to him and the kid says “YOU DON’T NOW WHAT THE PURPLE WOMBAT IS IM GOING TO GO TELL THE TEACHER!” The teacher says “YOU DON’T NOW WHAT THE PURPLE WONBAT IS IM GOING TO TELL THE PRINCIPLE!!” And the principle says “YOU DON’T NOW WHAT THE PURPLE WOMBAT IS TOUR EXPELLED!!” So now the kid is expelled from school and still doesn’t know what The Purple Wombat is. He is walking back to his house when soddenly he hears this voice behind a tree say “HAY ITS ME THE PURPLE WOMBAT!” So the kid walks over there and looks but there is nothing but then he hears it again but this time in a bush " HAY ITS NE THE PURPLE WOMBAT" but yet again there is nothing then soddenly the kid hears it again but behind another tree " HAY ITS ME THE PURPLE WOMBAT!" But there was still nothing. Now he is following this voice all around town under billboard in alleys behind shops. Finally he get to the towns reservoir and hears way out in the middle “HAY ITS ME THE PURPLE WOMBAT!” So he goes to the dock and finds a rowboat and rows it to the center of the lake he hears all around him “HAY IS ME THE PURPLE WOMBAT! NO NO ME THE PURPLE WOMBAT! NO ME ME!” And the kid stands up and yells “WHERES THE PURPLE WOMBAT!!!” And falls off the rowboat the dies. The moral of the story is don’t stand up in boats.

I have heard a variation of that…except it ends with “look both ways before you cross the street”!

The answer to What has keys but no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in?

You probably used one to type your last comment!

Mary’s Mom had three daughters.
The first was named April
The second was named May
What was the third one’s name?

I have heard that one before it is Mary. Here is another’s one

I am voiceless yet I cry,
Wingless yet I flutter,
Toothless yet I bite,
Mouthless yet I mutter.
What am I?

wind…easy. Was that one of the riddles in “The Hobbit”?