A couple of members have left the family.

The other day…my DM axle got stripped, I can just push it into where it is supposed to screw…but EVEN BADDER! I FORGOT MY PGM V2 ON MY BUS AND ITS GONE! sob, Now I only have a Dragon Jam, but I lost one of the halves :p. I’m going to try to ask my bus driver any questions if he saw anyone with a white toy.

That stinks dude. I’m not sure what you mean happened with the Dark Magic, but forgetting something somewhere is never a happy moment, let alone a yoyo. I feel for you. :wink:

If the axle is stripped you can just put a new one in. If the axle inserts are stripped, however, you are in trouble.

Yea, its the axle it self. Though I went looking for a wats it called the thing yoyos use as axles, I couldnt find any that were over a quarter of a inch, so I just got a whats it called, cut the top off and now i have a working axle, I also got 2 nuts. Thank god my dad knows so many things bout these stuff.