A Cool Way To Announce the New eXperts

When It comes to the eXperts, I think an awesome way to announce then is through chat night.

We have one of the other eXperts and come in during Chat Night and announce the eXpert in a dramatic way. If the new eXpert is in there he keeps it secret until the announcer says the name.

Dramatic, huh?

Yeah. But what if somebody gets picked and others don’t know or if that person isn’t in Chat Night. Besides, do we even have it anymore?

This is a suggestion for site improvement. :wink:

Spencer L. was just commenting on Chris’ post and pointing out the problems involved in the above situation.

Would be nice but I hardly ever go to chat night anymore(I really don’t know if they still have it). But it seems simpler to tell everyone through a post.Later.

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No, I was saying that he should move the topic to this section, which he did.

Okay, can you please try to remove that post to prevent confusion? :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

What I meant to say was:

Everytime we have a new eXpert, Andre makes a post congratulating him/her. Now, something cool will be if he makes a post announcing the eXpert during Chat night then after chat night, he’ll change the topic and call it: New eXpert announced or something.

The man speaks the truth. :wink:

I just want to see the new eXpert announced! I’m always the one telling people to be patient, but I’m the one who is growing impatient :smiley:

Just be patient :stuck_out_tongue: its almost later than the last time ???

With this method, one of the past eXpert gets to know who the new eXpert is, and gets the honor to announce him/her.

It works pretty fine the way it is. As you can see, André is pretty busy PICKING the eXpert, so spending a lot of time arranging chat nights and more complicated announcing won’t speed things up.

How do they announce it normally.

i think yoyoexpert makes a thread usually

what if the winner doesnt go to the thread and hears about it.

the winner knows they are expert already, cause yoyoexpert tells them ahead of time.


Yeah, but this month, the eXpert didn’t know he/she was the expert, until the 17th.

They might not have been told, he might have two next month…

And how do you know it was on the 17th ::slight_smile: … Are you the eXpert?