A cool site to make a youtube yo-yoer left or right handed :-)

Ever watch a trick on youtube and get frustrated that the yo-yoer is using the opposite throw hand as you?  Well this cool website will make it so the player is using the same hand as you.

The website is http://deturl.com/mirror-flip.asp?v=

and all you have to do is copy and paste the part of the youtube video after the v=

Here is an example:


and the before and after video:



Thanks for this. Very useful for a lefty.

Thanks for posting that link.

That was my favorite option on Yoyoing.com; years ago.

I was pretty bummed when Greg Cohen faded out of the online yoyo scene.

Amazing how some of these guys just tanked their sites. Pat Just vanished and left the guys at Yoyonation hanging. Greg bowed out with little fanfare and started making candy. Rich Rains decided to just let Extreme yoyo tank. And poor Mike from Theyo… simply died and his relatives didn’t know the difference between a shoe string and a yoyo string.

No matter. Life goes on. Quitters fade and survivors continue…

Being a lefty; the mirror thing works for me.



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