A Combo

A random combo of mine.

Also as a side note, this is my first post here in over two years and I am back consistently throwing everyday for the past month after two years of maybe throwing for a couple minutes here and there. I probably won’t be posting much but I plan on making a full length video eventually. Anyways, I would like to know your thoughts on the combo so feel free to make suggestions for anything I could add or remove.

That’s just exciting to watch. I hope to be that good some day!

That is a great combo. I am always intimidated at that style slack trick. That suicide kickflip at the end is the true star. Could you explain what is going on in that part of the trick? It looks to be a gt kickflip Mike Monty style, but I can’t be sure.

Haha, thanks I really appreciate that!

Thanks, I filmed a really quick video with me doing the last part slower. Pretty lazy video but hopefully it gets the idea across.

If you have any more questions about it after that let me know because I know that isn’t the clearest way to show what’s happening.

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That is perfect. Thanks so much. That is a creative use for that type of suicide. Definitely makes it easy to understand. Great job. Once my arm heals, I am on this with the quickness. Cheers.