Is this impressive?

Guys, I can do this trick but I don’t know if this is a really cool trick, beggner trick or a Expert level trick. It’s the 1.5 mount suicide to trapeze. Here’s a link:

Looks pretty sick to me man! I love that suicide. Don’t forget you can also throw it in to add a cool ending to almost any trick. I think suicides a considered a advanced trick. But in the end no matter if it is a beginner trick or a “Master” trick, having fun is what matters! Keep up the good work and have fun with it.

Happy throwing,
Adam N


Thanks man! :wink: :smiley:


really good especially the slow motion

Oh yeah, you know that’s not me right? Like the person in the video is not me. Have fun!!

It’s very easy to learn even without a tutorial. So rock on! :smiley:

That was absolutely amazing.Such presision!!

That was the first suicide I mastered. I like it!

My favorite suicide by far, very clean in the vid too. Also, that jacket you are wearing is UBER PUNK!!! You need some patches and safety pins on it though… \m/

Nice! The slo-mo really helps capture the trick. I have it when people put up a video and you can’t tell one trick from another because it’s done so fast. Especially with a tutorial.

Off topic: Punk is not caring what other people think. If he likes the jacket the way it is he doesn’t need safety pins or patches. Besides to be real punk you need un-safety pins.

way to nit pick

you sound like a girl

I think not.

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i love that suicide for me it keeps the loop open compared to the regular trapeze suicide…

i like lindy looped 1.5 better:D

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i loved that line, it made me laugh. ;D