Tap out!!!

Do you like it?

Very cool suicide! Gonna try that out!

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Cool suicide, although I’d rather like to see it in a combo. I t would be more flowing…

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yeah i know i was going to make a combo for it but it started raining so couldnt film

Me too! :slight_smile:

thank you! be sure to click the ‘like’ button if you have a youtube account! it helps a lot.

ibanez collector did a really cool suicide almost like this one but not quite, it’s called the popcorn suicide

thanks for posting that! i guess you could call mine a variation then

Already done!(a lot)

You would say something like this.

just call it a tuturial for a trick that has been done (a lot). but i dont see many vids about it on youtube or vimeo

Would say something like no matter how much you macho it up with your manly verbal dissing, don’t tell me what i would or would not say when your trick has already been done so don’t blame me when i was originally being completely honest and decent!

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thank you!!!