1.5 Branding and Serial Suicides

Here’s some stuff I think I came up with (at least I haven’t seen it before).
I’d love to see the elements incorporated into you guys tricks, mostly because I’m sure you’re better at it than me and it would look a lot better that way :smiley:

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Video is set to private. :frowning:

I set it to private while I was editing and forgot to change it. Dough!

Try it now?

In other news I’m an idiot.

Yeah because no one is satisfied with just one suicide…
I like it.


And thanks! I did recently find out that HS has been doing that move for years so, I didn’t invent it. BUT! I did come up with one of his moves on my own, so that’s cool.

Cool man! I bet we would be friends IRL, i guess based on how you are in the video. Thanks for the tips!

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Very cool! I’ll have to give this a shot.

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