new vid


i agree!

thanks people

Man that was super sweet!

Awesome vid Brandon!

Great job, man! :slight_smile:

I liked that title screen. Great vidja man!


I approve of everything in this video!!! Good yoyoing, great music, and it definitely had that fun attitude to it that a lot of videos are lacking.
plus, you landed those suicides like a champ which is something I’ve never been able to do with any amount of consistency.

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Dude that was amazing!!! I can’t do HALF those tricks, but the one I wish I could do most is elihops. Masterful!
PS I’m also jealous of your Cascade…

HECK YEAH MAN!!! haha good stuff! how many times did it take to get that second trick filmed? I hate filming suicides. I just out a new one up too man! you should check it out!!

I think 2 lol. I can suicide over and over most times it was the laceration 1.5 to suicide that was giving me grief haha. Ima go find your vid now!

yeah I have an old video of me just doing suicides after suicides on my youtube channel, that was 2 years ago holy poop, I miss my hulk smash wooley :confused: