new suicide.
a new suicide i found.  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

a question why do u think these things are new when people have already figured them out

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I thought I came up with Fred Special before Gizzyo told me it was on the Duncan site… It was literally the same exact thing but I named it something else.

It happens.

same here… I found an awesome way to get into a Gyro flop and i saw a video just a little while after which had the same thing

i say lets complicate it a little bit more, trapeze into a ‘suicide’ into lindy loops, into a suicide to the 1.5 ;D

it doesnt matter if you created the trick by yourself even if it was made before or not, you still created it.

my suicide combo has a normal suicide, into a 1.5 suicide into a lindy loop and suicide that and only catch one loop so your back to a trapeze dismount into green triangle do a green triangle suicide, done. i call it jumping off a tall building :P. its pretty easy.

Sounds more like “tumbling down the up escalator”. Film it sir!

by new i mean that i found it myself. i am not saying i created it or found before some1 else.

you did create it but someone else created it before you

Hey I made that up :stuck_out_tongue: