First combo

Hey Guys…

i have thought of sharing my first combo…It took me a while before i could get it right . aparently playing a combo is the best way to master tricks.

I would like to hear opinions, critics and ideas…

your support is much appreciated…

Awesome. I like the simplicity of it.

Thank you.

I love all of the cold fusion’s. it’s my favorite trick (as you can see). What I do is a cold fusion the from the trapeze go into a one and a half mount and do roller coaster

This is awesome! I put down my yoyo today in a fit of frustration learning kwijibo haha! This makes me want to pick it back up! Bravo! :smiley:

Looks great. I would try to incorporate some slacks and whips though. That’s what really makes a combo look flashy!

Thanks all. Jagmcool, unfortunately I’m not good in those. I am trying to learn iron whip now but I don’t see it any easy. I left it out and came back to Dr. Strange which I skipped. But I believe you are right though.

kwijibo is way too hard to be put in just the advanced part 1. learn something else first then go back and do kwijibo.

Brother slack is very very easy and it looks awesome. So is a basic laceration.

I’ll try the basic laceration. It should be easy I guess. Thanks again. I’ll follow your advice.

No problem. Just a couple simple tricks can really change how a combo looks.

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