my first combo

i would put a video up but i have no camera :-
so what do you guys think of this as a first combo?

starts out with matrix

once you pop it off of trapeze instead of going into a double or nothing you go into 1 1/2 mount.

do buddahs revenge

stop at 1 1/2 mount and do middle part of mcbrides rollercoaster, up till you land in double or nothing.

pop into trapeze ,like last part of kwijibo.

do a gyroscopic flop.

dismount and return.

good for your first combo

It looks pretty cool, but the Gyro Flop might be a little out of place and unnecessary. I want to try it out.

yeah the gyro flop was just put there last second because i just learned it but i felt like it flowed, but i think im a little biased so just tell me once you have tried it

Nice man. Great way of combining tricks!!! ;D

Whee i’m totally gunna try that right now.

lol it’s so funny this way to discribe the combo lol

it could be a game : you explain a combo then everybody make a video of what they understood and the winner is the closest from the original one …lol

Oh and the trick is cool a quite long for a first one (with a gyro at the end!) good job!

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Instead of popping off of double or nothing, do another matrix, take that momentum into a suicide
then gyroskopic flop. :wink: