A collection of thoughts about the Dv888

I got this yoyo today. It’s…incredible. It has long spin times, much quieter than my Dark Magic,. It has great anodization (Black with red splash). It grinds very well. Even without an IRG, it still thumb grinds longer than my Dark Magic, and my maverick. It is dead unresponsive but binds very tightly. I love it. Anyone that can bind should get this yoyo, it’s a must-have. The only problem is that the string that came with it is way to thin. I just stuck a home made string in and it worked great.
Do yourself a favor and get a Dv888.

I got mine today too. I love it as well, and I wish I had bought one sooner. With my DV888, I also got some thin lube. So I was able to clean, among others, my Maverick’s bearing. With a cleaned bearing, it now plays amazingly. If you clean your Maverick’s bearing, I am sure that you will have another yoyo to rival your Dark Magic. Unlike you however, I really like the string that came with it. I would be happy to buy some more (when a time comes that I need string)

Oh, My maverick already plays better than my Dark Magic. My maverick is almost dead unresponsive and spins longer. Not to mention it’s undersized. (Undersized yoyos FTW.) :slight_smile:
…Dv888 plays better than either of them :slight_smile:

Yeah, I totally agree with you. Maverick’s take forever to break in, and get them unresponsive; but when they do get broken in they are awesome.