A 4A recommendation?


I have a Yoyo Officer Gravity I’m using now and I like it okay but I want to get another 4A for variety. I’m not sure what my skill level is exactly. My toss, catch, and bind are pretty good but I only know a handful of tricks I can do with much consistency–overwhip, underwhip, barrel rolls, leg orbits, and various toss and catch stuff.

I’m considering the Rextreme 2, the Rextreme 3 prototype (added a brass weight ring, looks cool but costs more and is very heavy at 100+ grams), and cheaper delrin models like the Japan Technology Hybreed, the Yoyorecreation Aeronaut (delrin version which is half off right now), and the sOMETHING JetSet EC.

I like the Rextreme’s size but not that it’s plastic. Do the plastic ones ever break if tossed and dropped? Like would it survive a drop from 8 feet onto a hard surface like concrete?

I would appreciate if people who have used some of these models could lay out the pros and cons and how they compare to the gravity, if you know.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Plastic does crack

I’ve seen rextremes in particular take damage and have killed a bigyo myself


Any other advice? Has anyone thrown any of these enough to compare them?

Doesn’t seem there’s many 4A players here. Not that I’m really a 4A player, but I like it more than 1A.


get the zeekio apollo offstring yoyo it is tough delrin weights 80grams. I have one myself I am a good offstring player I can do horizontal finger spin and tricks. it cost $40.


Hmm… The Zeekio does look pretty good but its specs are almost identical to the gravity. I’d like something more different so I can experience the variety, you know? Either something wider like a rextreme or a different kind of shape. Though since hearing the rextremes shatter I’m leaning away from that.


Duncan Hayabusa SL version
Yyj fiesta XX

I like the design of the rextreme but in my opinion Rei iwakura has a very boring style besides his solo ham tricks. That takes a lot away from it for me.


I just started 4a not too long ago so can’t give much advice. A lot of people seem to recommend the yyj go big as entry and intermediate levels of play so that’s what I got. It has decent rubber rims to minimize impact, may be worth you checking out. Hope this helps.


I have the first version of the rextreme and I wouldn’t really recommend it.

I dont use it too often and the axle system is already a little messes up. When I try to unscrew it, the axle system spins inside without the threaded screw part coming undone but it eventually unscrews when i mess with it.

It plays as well as I could ask of it because im not very good at 4a. That was my only issue with it.


I’m not very good at 4A, but the Go Big has gotten me to a relatively far.


Lorenzo Sabatini useing the zeekio apollo. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Ozmn4rEy8


I recommend the zro by Chico

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #12

My vote is also for teh apollo. I like the more organic shape compared the pointy edges so many have.

Avoid the Jet Set EC at all costs, I’ve had 2. They both had constant issues with the side nuts flying off, the first yoyo died becuase it broke apart on landing and damaged the plastic. Don’t waste your money.