Great intermediate 4a Off-String yoyo?

Hi there. I want to try out all the styles of yoyo play, and 4a is what I’m starting on. My preferences are as following:
-Under 50$
-Good at grinding
-Good for learning, but also able to carry me all the way to competion skill level.
-Not super heavy, not super light
-Not a Duncan fan
-Preferably not polycarbonate as I don’t like the feeling.

Thanks in advance.

You can never go wrong with a YYJ Go Big

Ive tried MANY 4a yoyos some more expensive and some less

Its just a soild playing yoyo
(That can take quite the beating)

You’re gonna be looking at delrins if you want a good grinder which brings it down to the windforce and pegasus from god tricks for under $50.

Out of those two which fits my preferences best and is overall better?

I would think the pegasus is better personally

My YYJ Go Big just came in yesterday. I just started 4a yesterday and it’s nice to learn on, although I don’t have another 4a throw to compare it to. A lot of people say it is a great place to start and can carry you from beginner to expert, which is why I settled on it.

I’m a big fan of the Zeekio Apollo. I’m not a great offstring player, but I think it plays very well.

It’s cheap at $40, machined from delrin, and feels durable. It’s 80 grams, but I’m not sure if that’s heavy or light when it comes to offstring yoyos.

Thanks for the tips. How is the JT HyBREED? It looks nice. how is it compared to the pegasus?

bump. This last question is important. though anyone has any other ideas for a high quality grindable offstring for 30-50$ it would be much appreciated.

JT makes some top notch stuff so if you have an option to go for that I’d do it