9th Generation Consoles.

That picture is so flawed, it makes the plot of Looper look like a masterpiece. That chart does not even consider the fact that used games(something that cannot be sold on PCs) make up a large percentage of console games and it totally negates the online fees of many PC games. As for the number of games, 40 is way above average for a console gamer.
Fine example of PC in-your-face race acting all superior.

Well, if you take used into the equation, take in steam sales where people like me buy AAA games for $2. You’ve also forgotten Humble Bundles. To further prove my point, I’ve spent less than $100 on PC games and own roughly 50 games, including a few GOTY editions.

Exactly. If you want to take into account discounted games PC wins by far. I own over 160 games and I’ve spent maybe, 350 bucks? That’s just over 2 bucks per game.

AND, Gamestop has a LOT of sued games for MORE than what thwey orignally sold. Examples being Pokemon, some japanese game that finally got a dub for the Wii and almost got three of their stores closed, etc. Steam never ups the prices for demand. In fact, gabe does the sales on a heavy marketing formula to make the games sell like crazy again. and there’re are F2P games on PC too. Ones worth while. I still doubt consoles will die, but PC will be master race next to GOOD handhelds from now on I think.

You remind me in a weird way, but I kinda want an Nvidia Shield.

Dude, yes~ That’s a good idea for when I get my own rig for the new house once I move out. So much win!

I’d definitely install that hack and play over wifi at my school. Handheld, console and PC all in one!

It’d be smexy as heck too man. xD

Stop making me want one!

Then I’ll get one when I can. lel

I was about to ask him if he wanted a chart where the person buys all of their games at the summer sale. Had my card worked with steam the past year I would have bought plenty of AAA titles and indie games for $1-$5 it’s so nice. And as you said the indie bundles are amazing deal (The one I got was worth it just for Thomas Was Alone).

Any bundles man. I did the Alien Swarm Bundle, LOVE those games so much. and 3 good games for a few bucks or more is amazing. All hail Gaben

True dat. I got all 3 Bioshock games for $15. Got the Witcher 2 for $5. Far Cry 3 for $7.50.

Got Farcry 3 : Blood Dragon with the OSt for pre-ordering it for 15. LOVE Powerglove and Steam.

I can’t say I really care for any of the newer consoles. My main interest in a electronic is having it able to do a bunch of things pretty well.

If I had to buy a newer console, it would be a Xbox One. I enjoy the idea of being able to game when I want to, and then switch over to web browsing or media. Being able to hook up a TV receiver to it is a really cool concept also. I haven’t looked into it too much, but the Xbox One seems pretty good at handling external media too (audio CDs, DNLA servers, mp3s, etc).

I don’t really have too much interest in a PlayStation 4. The general idea I get from this console is is that it’s good at gaming, but pretty sub-par in-regards to anything else. I don’t know if it was changed yet, but a console that can’t even handle simple media features like mp3s and audio cds is pretty silly (I recall hearing it couldn’t handle DNLA too well too). I also question the graphics performance a bit. I know it will vary between games, but the one game I’ve seen on a PS4 (Knack) wasn’t too impressive. 1080p is nice and all, but averaging 30 FPS with sharp framerate decreases in-action is really immersion-breaking.

The Wii U is a really interesting console, but there are very few games I’d be interested in playing on it (just not my style I guess). There are a few party games I enjoyed though, so if anything, it seems the Wii U is nice for parties. I can’t really speak for it’s media capabilities.

I have no interest in a PS Vita, but this mainly goes back to my point of being able to do multiple things on a device. I could buy a PS Vita, play some alright games, pay outrageous prices for extra storage, and have a pretty sub-par experience with things outside of gaming, or I could go buy something like a Nexus 7, which has better internal hardware (iirc, a 2012 model already overpowers the Vita in specs and screen quality), better gaming capabilities (native Android stuff, streaming from another computer, emulators; touchscreen controls or a controller of my choosing), and have a great experience with things outside of gaming. Not to mention, a device I have (near) full-control over (flash whatever I want firmware/ROM-wise, whenever I want), and at a lower price.

But with gaming as the main-focus, I’d choose my PC. A console (the way I see it) is an expensive pre-built box with limited functionality. My PC on the other hand has parts chosen by me (and even refurbished by me; had fun customizing and cleaning up my IBM Model M), set-up in a way of my choosing. Plus, you get to really fine-tune your experience. I run 3 displays in Eyefinity currently at a forced-refresh rate of 75.02Hz (up from the stock 60Hz) with 0 pre-rendered frames and latency-optimized audio drivers with a mouse running on USB @ 1000Hz polling. Things get even funner when I run on Linux with a lowlatency kernel. Basically, all input and output on my system is as-close to realtime as I can make it.

Meanwhile, consoles have (at a guess on-average) 200ms latency that isn’t even thought about (wireless controller, A/V post-processing from the TV, vertical sync, framerate of the game when it drops below 30 or 60). If you aren’t sensitive to latency, you’ll probably not even notice it though.

And, there’s just some cool tricks and stuff you can do with PCs. I can be writing a report on my laptop, and the next minute, turn it into a (not-as-limited) console hooked up to a TV and stream games from a more powerful computer in my house. Emulation is even pretty fun too (I could go throw a disc into my actual Wii or PSX/PS2 games in my PS2 and play it the way Nintendo and Sony respectively intend (upscaled and terrible looking on large screens), or I could fire up the same games on my PC, at 2x the texture quality + whatever other graphics effects I want (like AA or AF), less latency, and using a controller of choice. I could keep going on… but this post is longer than I expected.

TLDR (all my opinion): Xbox One > Wii U > PS4. Nexus 7 > PS Vita. PC > All Consoles.