9 Years Smoke Free! N.O.P.E.!

So once a year on July 11th I like to toot my own horn a bit.

I’ve now been smoke free for 9 years! Not 1 single puff! TOOT TOOT!!

It remains as one of the single best things I’ve ever done in my life. Holy heck how I don’t miss being chained down to the damned addiction! The constant drag…the panic when I’d run out…the deep rooted need.
What a nightmare. I’ve loved my quit from day one and continue to do so to this day. I hold it close and hold it tight.
N.O.P.E.!! (Not One Puff Ever).

I very rarely even think about it anymore. Don’t remember the last time I’ve had an actual craving.
Today I choose to remain smoke free…and though I can’t predict the future, I’ve got a pretty strong feeling I’ll choose to stay smoke free tomorrow and the day after as well.

I love my quit.
9 years!


congrats! boges are whack :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Huge congrats on that achievemnt my dude (:


Well done. I smoked for 20 years before giving up in 2007, which was when the smoking ban came into effect in the UK. It’s great to get that monkey off your back.


Congrats chief, I quit about 6 years ago. Actually used yo-yos as a distraction, and throw on smoke breaks. I still smoke maybe once a year if I’m with certain people, but even they are starting to quit.




I stopped smoking 9 years ago too!!! My wife developed an extreme olfactory aversion to cigarette smoke when she was pregnant with our first and had to give it up. Not gonna lie though sometimes having a 5 and 9 year old is stressful and I occasionally have day dreams about having just one sweet full lung filling pull. Haven’t caved yet though! I’m definitely gonna start smoking my grandfathers pipe when I get super old though! Straight up Sherlock Holmes style pipe and I’ll still be slangin that yoyo too!


Congrats!! Funny enough, I’m actually quitting today as well! I have two cigarettes left in a pack I bought about a week ago. I first started smoking when I was 12 or 13. By the time I was in my late teens I was smoking basically a pack a day. In recent years it’s been more like a pack and a half to two packs a day - I’m 29 now. And like @TheThrowingGnome my wife seems to find it particular repulsive now that she’s pregnant. I also don’t want to bring my child into a smokey ashy house, and so I start my smoke free journey today.


I quit about 2 months ago. I have quit many times before but never stuck. I have been using a vape since. Probably a bad crutch but ya know. I don’t want cigarettes anymore at least. It’s a start.


Nice dude, I quit herb and tobacco about 5 years ago. Haven’t once looked back!


I never smoked cigarettes, only herbs. Since vape pens became a common house hold item I haven’t smoked in really long while. I just get my medication In oils and edibles! Way better this way. I am never going to stop consuming THC & CBD!


I stopped thc last year. Took an extended break after years of daily use, started again and didn’t like how it made me feel anymore so now it’s a very rare thing for me, usually just when I’m hanging out with my brother.


A wise old man who taught me furniture making once told me that every time you finish a cigarette you’ve already quit. Then how long you’ve quit for is the focus. If you just finished a cig five minutes ago then you quit five minutes ago. Can you go 10 minutes? 10 hours? 10 days? 10 weeks? Once you realize you’ve already quit and start tracking how long it’s been you definitely won’t want to start over again. Oh… and the patch helped me initially too. Good Luck!


I suffer from chronic pain in a few different spots on my body so it helps. I did slow down a lot. Not sure if it is because what I am getting is more potent or I just have a busy schedule. Might be a combination of both. A few(3) drags from my pen and I will fall into a coma!


Congrats, that is quite the accomplishment! Your will is very strong. I cant go a day with out a smoke. I wish I would kept track of when i quite drinking alcohol. Like 6ish years ago I think? I’m just like you are with cigs though. Havnt had a sip since I quit with no interest in ever traveling down that road again.


congrats man!!!


Super kudos to anyone who is able to quit tobacco. One of the best things you can ever do for your health. Having watched friends fight that battle, I’ve seen how hard it can be.

So congrats to everyone who wins that battle. And for anyone who hasn’t won yet, don’t give up. Keep trying.


As far as health and yoyoing, I lost a lot of weight last year and believe it or not it it makes throwing easier, both your fingers and your arms are more nimble.


Hey congrats on that man!

I could REALLY do with some weight loss myself.
I gained some weight after quitting smoking…then stayed the same weight pretty much for years.
Then my mom passed away a couple of years ago and there for 6 months afterwards I hit food HARD and gained a ton of weight. Man I was miserable! I could hardly walk from my apartment to my car without being all red faced. My legs and arms swelled up because of all the dang sodium/salt I was taking in.
It was gross.
I’ve cut way back on the food and have lost some of the weight (I can button my shirts up again!) and can move around without feeling so dang exhausted constantly again…but jeeze I’m huge. It’s something I’ve become very self conscious of.

Sorry for the ramble.
I wish I’d take my health more serious and start working on losing weight. I’m real reluctant to though even though I want to.


I smoked Light Blue American Spirits in college for about…3 months - can’t knock it until you try! So I tried and now I can officially say tree is much better for my health and sanity. Not so much my wallet