10 years smoke free! Not One Puff!

Each year I like to hop online and announce that I’ve got yet another year of being puff free under my belt!
10 years is a big one!

In early 2010 I was told I had cancer. 1 surgery and just a single dose of chemo…and I was ready to quit and I did just that on July 11, 2010.
I had a TON of help with an awesome forum that use to exist at quitnet…any time I’d have a craving, no matter what time of day, there was an army of supporters to help get me through. 1 craving at a time.
It was very intense there for the first couple of months.
But it got easier.
Now I never think about smoking. I don’t miss it…don’t remember the last real craving I’ve had and I don’t long for it.
I love my quit. Have loved it from day 1…and I hold onto it tight. I know I’m ever just1 single puff away…so I go by a quote I picked up early on…N.O.P.E. …Not One Puff Ever.

So today…I’m shouting it loud and shouting it proud!

10 years smoke free!



Mate, you’re doing really well if this is the case!

My dad quit over 10 years ago and there hasn’t been a day gone by when he hasn’t wanted a cigarette.


I was just talking to a friend the other week about this. She misses it and said if she could get away with smoking again without getting hooked…she’d go back to it.

I don’t feel this way at all and I’m totally grateful for that. I don’t miss it and don’t have any desire to ever go back.


Also…good for your dad! Especially knowing he has to deal with missing it!


That’s really amazing, congratulations @twitch77! :grin:
That’s a massive achievement!


I quit 10 years ago too! Easy for me to remember, because I had to quit when my wife was pregnant with oldest daughter. She developed an extreme aversion to the smell.


congrats @twitch77 & @TheThrowingGnome… and anyone else! come to think of it… it was 10 years ago last month for me too. my friend was driving me to the airport to visit my now wife. i was partway through the cigarette and i said “ugggh, blechh this thing is terrible!!” and flicked it out the car window. cold turkey, i haven’t smoked since.


Congratulations my friend!


I smoked too. 7 months for me, not one.


That is both odd and great.


did your cancer ever come back? Twitch you are awesome my friend! one time a friend came over and my older siblings and i were hanging out with him around a fire and he was smoking a cigarette and my brother kept telling him he needed to quit. by the end of the night he said that’d be his last pack and he’d stop buying. A few months later he had a going away party and he was vaping… at least he’s off tobacco? anyhow it’s very impressive to get off smoking y’all! i’ve had a few family friends smoke and die of cancer. don’t smoke.


I had the easiest and best help a person could get.

First of all, my Mom and Dad didn’t smoke. Many of my friends figured they got started simply because they grew up breathing second hand smoke.

And secondly, my Mom was a Nurse and worked a wing that housed people either surviving on not quite surviving from problems directly related to smoking.

I would visit my Mom now and again just to hang out and keep her enthusiasm pointed in a positive direction. Nothing like working with a whole bunch of patients that might not even make it to her next shift.

One day I was walking down a hallway and as I passed this one room on the right, I could have shown I saw smoke coming out of a patients’ neck🙀

I instanced stopped and backed up to the open room. The guy was wearing a bandana kinda mask like the old Wild West bankrobbers.

He signaled me to come into the room. I walked over towards him and noticed his chin/lower jaw was missing.

He had smiling eyes(happy) but he sure wasn’t smiling.

He had one of those voice mic’s and he held it up to his throat and began telling me everything they had removed… ‘so far’ and they were running outta parts to remove without just removing his head🙄

He had this grommet in his neck(I think it is called a stoma?) He put the cigarette against the stoma and inhaled. Then when he exhaled, the smoke came right back out of the hole.

I said, ‘Hey man, you sure aren’t supposed to smoking in a Hospital. He said he would get in trouble once or twice a day. But the staff actually let him slide because he was Terminal.
I could tell you in detail, just how much face he didn’t have left. But trust me on this> you don’t want to know.

And then… one of my fellow Surfers, Mike was his name. He used to smoke all day, every day. He would light cigarettes with other cigarettes. He actually quit surfing because he had no endurance/stamina, etc… Just a few years out of High School, he had to have All his teeth extracted because the massive smoking destroyed his gums.

I knew guys with yellow fingers and nails on their smoking hand.

It almost seemed like everywhere I went. I would see the negative side of smoking.

Another one of my Surfing buddies(Vinny), his Dad was always smoking. At work, at home, wherever he was. Vinnys’ Father died of lung cancer. A few years later, his Mom died from breathing tons of Vinny Senoirs’ second hand smoke. And… when Vinnys’ Great Dane died. The Vet told Vince the dog died from complications from second hand smoke🙀

I was just lucky I guess to have parents that didn’t smoke.

Congratulations to anybody that quits smoking.

I guess smoking is a young mans sport.

But as you get older. It isn’t a sport at all. It is just a way to shorten the number of years you have to pay taxes.


Hell yeah guys! Well done! :smiley:
7 months is HUGE @stevejspins! Congrats on holding on man!
Does yoing help?


Almost exactly 1 year later they found a lump about the size of a softball in my lower abdomen. The first time I had it was MUCH easier then the second time. I went through months of some pretty intense chemo the second time. Lost all my hair and towards the end of the treatments I was bed ridden and felt absolutely miserable.
But it was the start of some really powerful life changing decisions I’d make…like getting myself into college just as soon as I was able to do so.

Been cancer free ever since! :smiley:


that’s terrible, we have a lot of friends who did Chemo and just fell apart because of it.


Congrats. More money to spend on yoyos, and a longer life to spend throwing yoyos. :slight_smile:


Im at 6 years. Quit the day i found out the wife was pregnant


10 years that is fantastic. I’m having a pretty hard time with it myself. Down from 2 packs to 6 smokes a day but that doesn’t mean anything until its zero. I don’t smoke in my truck if my trainees don’t smoke out of respect for them. This has really helped me cut down but I really need to just be done with it all together. I’m tired of letting my kids down. When I pick them up from their mom’s, I can always tell that they are waiting to see if I quit over the past two weeks. Congratulations Twitch and everyone else who did it.


Not as much as having some angina.


My dad had a lot of this after he had a heart attack :frowning: Not fun