Starting my nicotine free life today!

Yoyoing is going to be a big part of my quitting journey, wish me luck! Anyone else use yo-yos as a method to deal with cravings?


You gotta get into this thread:


Thanks for the link!


Absolutely man! That’s awesome!

One thing I found out real quick when I first quit…is just how much free time I suddenly had! Smoking took so much time!
Having something physical to do is an awesome plan! For me it was walking as I wasn’t into yo-yoing at the time.

Have you considered joining an online quitting forum? I’m not even sure of any but I’m sure a google search would come up with a ton. I was big into the quitnet forums when I quit…but those forums have been taken down.
It was awesome though…anytime I had a craving…no matter what time of day it was…there was always a bunch of people to respond to me with support.
And supporting others just made me much stronger in my own quit.

I’d love to get updates on how things are going for you here on these forums!
Quitting is just about the best dang thing you can do for yourself! It’s rough at first, but oh man…it is SO worth it and it DOES get easier!


Thanks so much for your support green yoyo guy! I quit smoking about 3 years ago but today I am finally stopping vaping. I have an app called I am sober that I’m using to track my progress and also connect with other quitters for exchanges of support/stories. That and the yoyos, plus my amazing girlfriend of 9 years are my advantages this time. I’m so thankful for the support and amazing community I’ve found on these forums over the last 7 months. You’ve helped me on my yoyo journey which is now transforming into my quitting journey.


So awesome man! I’m hyped for you and glad you have some great support on your side!!


9 years free myself… I will say it wasn’t the nicotine that I found difficult to give up, it was the physical habit of smoking that was tough. So I think yoyo is a fantastic way to keep the hands occupied! My biggest struggle was what to do with my left arm while driving, a rubber band was my solution, not elegant but kept the hand busy.

I wish you the best in your endeavor, and hope to hear a one year update and so on and so forth!


Good Luck my friend. I’m a year without a puff and its nice. I hope you love it nicotine free!!!


haha I used a rubber band for a short period of time early on as well! :sweat_smile:

Hell yeah man! :smiley: Nice job!!!


Congratulations my brother! You can do it. I’m 1 year in last June and Yo-yo was my cure. Keep one on you. I recommend something responsive as you can just jam on it if you have to. Take a walk, throw, breath, throw, yell, throw! One day at a time. One craving at a tome. THROW. Your hands and mind will be occupied.

pm me if you want personal support.

You’re about to discover a brand new world!! It’s beautiful.


Good luck Sir!!


Congratulations. On your smoke free journey.

I quit smoking with the help of Yo-yo. Yomega Raider when it was big in the 90’s

3 days, during that time withdrawal is physical, after 3 days any cravings are mental.

The two times I went back to smoking I knew full well what I was doing.

I also used this quote to help, not sure who it is by.

“ A fool is one who knows their weaknesses and feeds upon it anyway”

That helped in my determination when I knew the cravings were mental.


You got this!


Best wishes to you man! Keep up the great work!


What helped me was rolling my own.
I figured I wouldn’t have time for that.
Ya know?
Back when I was a kid you could get smokes anywhere, from your car window even. Thank God it’s not like that now. Anyway Beat that beast like the plague Sir.


Thank you everybody, I am sure some would be shocked at the amount of support there is to go around on a yoyo forum but I knew you guys were amazing.


Yes! I used a yoyo to quit almost 5 years ago now, no regerts!

Every time I had a craving, I’d go outside and throw for 5 minutes…worked like a charm!

Good luck, quitting cigarettes is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life :sweat_smile:


Habit is an escape

Smoking, drinking, or any other habit, is an escape from your own nervousness or disturbed state.

Freedom from habit

If you are simply aware of the whole structure of habit without resistance, there is freedom from habit, and in that freedom a new thing takes place.

Fighting habit becomes a habit

When you fight a habit you give life to that habit; and the fighting becomes another habit.

Whatever you do is in the pattern of habits

Whatever you do is in the pattern of habits. So to do nothing, to have the feeling that you don’t have to fight it, is the greatest action of intelligence.



Beautiful words, I appreciate the thought. 2 full days without nicotine now. Chewing gum and yoyoing has gotten me through every craving so far.


Congratulations! I didn’t start throwing to deal with any particular vices but I noticed that my video gaming habit magically disappeared since I started playing yo-yo.

And I smoke less the more I play because it’s akward to throw with my pipe in my mouth somehow.


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