hey i just got the 888x so i thought i would make a review.

1: smoothness. 9 out of 10 this yoyo is amazingly smooth. smoother than my dv888 and my pgm.

2: sleep. 8 out of 10 it sleeps really long. i timed it a couple times and the longest i got was 2 minutes 31 seconds it’s awesome.

3: hubstacks. 10 out of 10 these hubstacks don’t work any better than any other hubstacks but i love them

4: appearance. 10 out of 10 this yoyo looks sexy. i got the silver one and it looks great with orange string plus the finish is so smooth and shiny :smiley:

5: overall. best yoyo that i’ve ever used 9 out of 10 i would highly recommend this yoyo.

Not too bad of a review I guess, but I’ll just go ahead and give you my criticism so you can know what to work on next time.

Numbers don’t work very well in a review. Almost all, if not all, yoyos made these days are going to be very smooth and will sleep more than long enough. Calling yoyos sexy makes it clear that you don’t know the meaning of the word.

thanks 4 da tips