888 review

I love my 888 because it has
a smooth sleep, nice stacks
and great bearing for string
tricks I recommend it to
intermediate and advanced
yoyoers.[Hardish to get bearing
out] 1st yoyo review

Do you really consider a sentence a review?

Try to state a little more about why you like it, not just the features you like about it.

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You need to list down the pros and cons, and also, what do you mean you reccommend it to all intermediate to advanced players? If that was the case, everyone would have gotten an 888. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, just state the 888 is more suitable for people with what kind of preferences(shape, size,etc), and not only on skill alone.

once you read this then make your review.

Dude this is not a review…ITS AN OPINION


Where’s the pros and cons, shape, feel, what it features, is it worth it…etc
when you right a proper review it needs to be thought out first. It would be nice to include pictures.
BTW…please do not post a topic that includes only 1 sentence.  ;D

Im not trying to be mean, just be thoughtful on what you post. ;D